Global Growth With Environmental Focus

Courtesy of Malmsten, a SwimSwam partner.

The Swedish company Malmsten has a history of being environmentally conscious. To produce products and services that are resource-efficient with the least possible impact on the environment is a top priority. Through the recycling and reuse of materials natural resources are better preserved. Solar panels on the Malmsten headquarters buildings help us reach our environmental goals.

Simon Percy, Vice President of Malmsten USA, shares the same view on sustainability and gives us some good examples for recycling and reusing lane lines.

Save on packaging. From the inception of Malmsten, Inc, the US subsidiary recycling was part of the ethos. For example, the boxes used have multiple lives.  They start at the disc molder to store inventory; when those discs are turned into lane lines, those boxes get loaded with finished lane lines and shipped out. We deliver the lane lines locally and reclaim those boxes for another round.

This is an excellent example of an environmentally friendly, economically sound action. Boxes are expensive. Using them more than once makes economic sense.

The Problem

What happens when a truckload of lane lines are replacing an equal volume of old lane lines?

What could we do to offset that problem?

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Mikael Orn and Simon Percy at Malmsten USA

Recycling should be easy and financially viable. Most people can agree that the less we waste or put into the landfill, the better off we will be. It is less likely to happen if doing that is expensive. If recycling your old lane lines means shipping them to Arizona, then the value is zero at that point. Recycling can be good for the bottom line.  Donating used discs to a University art department that is also a 501 C 3 might have some tax advantages.  Please consult your accountant on that one!

There are many great answers to reducing the number of old lane lines going into landfills. Our goal in sharing this is to start a conversation around Recycling. The more shared ideas, the more likely you are to find one that connects with your community and might inspire you to think, “I could do that”, and then do it.

Recycling from the Malmsten Perspective Simon Percy shares tips on recycling and repurposing of the components of the lane lines

The story about Malmsten, shows how two passionate entrepreneurs built up a leading manufacturing company and a world renowned brand name in the swimming pool equipment industry.

Gold PRO available in USA

The teaming with S&R Sports is a great partnership. With a similar closeness to aquatic sports, we understand each  other. S&R Sports, with over 30 years of supplying the world with water polo and swimming equipment, and founded  and run by athletes from the sports, you will get a great service for all types of aquatics equipment.

Gold PRO available in Canada 

Malmsten is proud to partner with DB Perks and Commercial Aquatics Supplies in Canada, one of Canada´s best pool  distributors with a history of having a strong connection with swimming and aquatics. They have a strong team inclu ding Bill Sawchuk, a two-time Olympian, with a swimming and coaching background. Jim Todhunter, Steven Zamis and  Amanda Moffat, all very experienced in what aquatic equipment is all about..

About Malmsten

From Swimmers for Swimmers – with a passion for aquatics 

Malmsten was established in Phoenix Arizona, in 2020, by former swimmers Mikael Orn and Simon Percy. 

Mikael and Simon both swam for Arizona State under Ron Johnson. Two different career paths and now teaming up in Malmsten Inc. Mikael was one of Tommy Malmsten´s most successful swimmers and swam for Arizona State under Ron Johnson 1980 – 1984. He was the  NCAA Champion 1983 in 200 yards freestyle and bronze medalist in the 1984 Olympic Games. 

In assuming leadership of Malmsten Inc., Mikael brings to bear his extensive experience as an IBM executive. He is a hands-on business le ader with a track record of innovation, leading to market expansion and patents. 

Simon swam for the New Zealand National Team from 1990 to 1994 including the 1990 Commonwealth Games, 1991 World Championships  and 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Simon swam for ASU from 1991 to 1994, representing the university at the NCAA and becoming an All Ameri can and Academic All American. Graduating in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science. 

Since 1994, aside from his business career, Simon has coached swimming, including a return to Arizona State as an Assistant coach from  2006 to 2011. During the 2008 financial crisis, which forced ASU to cut the men’s swimming program, Simon teamed up with Mikael Orn, and  other Alumni, securing funds to assure the future of Men’s Swimming at ASU, which thrives today under head coach Bob Bowman. A unique  achievement in the Swimming community. 

Malmsten USA is a subsidiary of Malmsten AB – the Global Leader in Racing Lane Lines and Official Supplier to World Aquatics and PanAm Aquatics. Malmsten USA produces Classic PRO™ and Gold PRO® Racing Lane Lines for all of the American markets in accordance with Original  Malmsten specifications. 

Malmsten line of products also includes other Official World Aquatics and PanAm Aquatics equipment such as Water Polo Goals, Water Polo  Field of Play, Open Water Finishing Lines as well as a proven range of pool construction equipment. 

Our mission: “With a longstanding passion for aquatics, we design, produce and distribute high-end pool equipment with functionality, dura bility and the environment in focus” – Mikael Orn, CEO Malmsten Inc. 

Bringing the world’s best pool equipment to America!  

With a passion for aquatics!

To find out more about Malmsten products, visit their website at

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