Giovanni Izzo Just-Misses European Qualifying Standard in 100 IM in Italy

Braden Keith
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November 18th, 2019 News

SwimSwam Italia’s Giusy Cisale contributed to this report.

In the last weekend eligible for qualifying for Italy’s team to the European Short Course Championships, most of the focus was on the Trofeo Mussi Lombardi, and rightly so as there were plenty of big swims there including the return of Gabriele Detti.

But another qualifying swim came from an unexpected place – the Primo Trofeo Velocità di Parma, or the Parma Premier Speed Trophy meet. There, Giovanni Izzo swam a 52.82 in the 100 IM, which was .02 seconds from the Italian standard for the European Championships – which is listed simply as 52.8.

With Italy expected to release their roster this week, we’ll see if they decide to round the time down or not.

Izzo spent the last 2 seasons racing for NC State, where he won an All-American award in 2019 as part of the school’s 200 free relay, but is not on their roster this season.


FEMALE Qualifiers

  1. Federica Pellegrini 100/200 freestyle
  2. Simona Quadarella 800 freestyle
  3. Margherita Panziera 100/200 back
  4. Benedetta Pilato 50 frog / 100 breaststroke
  5. Martina Carraro 50/100 breaststroke
  6. Arianna Castiglioni 100 breaststroke
  7. Elena Di Liddo 50/100 butterfly
  8. Ilaria Bianchi 100 butterfly
  9. Ilaria Cusinato 200/400 IM 200 butterfly
  10. Giulia Gabbrielleschi 800 freestyle
  11. Francesca Fangio  200 meters breaststroke

MALE Qualifiers

  1. Santo Condorelli 100 free style
  2. Manuel Frigo 100 freestyle
  3. Alessandro Miressi 100 freestyle
  4. Filippo Megli 200 freestyle
  5. Gabriele Detti 400 free style
  6. Marco De Tullio 400 freestyle
  7. Gregorio Paltrinieri 1500 freestyle
  8. Domenico Acerenza 1500 freestyle
  9. Simone Sabbioni 50/100 backstroke
  10. Matteo Restivo 200 back
  11. Fabio Scozzoli 50/100 breaststroke
  12. Nicolo Martinenghi 50/100 breaststroke
  13. Piero Codia 50 butterfly
  14. Federico Burdisso 200 butterfly
  15. Matteo  Ciampi  200 freestyle / 400 freestyle
  16. Stefano Ballo  200 freestyle
  17. Lorenzo Mora  200m back / 100m back
  18. Alberto  Razzetti  200 IM / 200 butterfly
  19. Marco Orsi  100 IM
  20. Mattia Zuin 200 freestyle

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