Garrett Reports: SwimSwam News for Thursday July 12th

  24 Garrett McCaffrey | July 11th, 2012 | International, London 2012 Olympics, News, SwimSwam Video News

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What’s been said has been said, can’t be taken back (though apparently Clary tried to have it retracted). Clary and Phelps have talked over it, and whether or not what they said yesterday is how they truly feel about the situation now, they seem to be trying to move on with things and concentrate on London. And whatever we fans believe is the truth or not, it’s probably about time we let this thing blow over too.

The wonderful thing with swimming is you swim your own race.If you feel you deserve to win more than someone else, you have an opportunity to prove that.Get in the water and do it.Natural talent is just that, and training may enhance it, but you can’t take it away. Stop worrrying about what someone else does, and take time to turn around and look back at the way you have come….if there are only a handful of people(or one) ahead of you, it is time to pat yourself on the back and say “Wow, I worked hard, I believed in my dream, and look how far I have come.”Then, turn around again look ahead and own the next race.When everyone… Read more »

Anyone who thinks Phelps didn’t work hard leading up to Beijing is an idiot. Remember this is the guy who didn’t take a day off for what, 5 or 6 years? The media went wild over how many calories he had to consume just to keep up. I think he deserved a break after the greatest Olympic swimming performance in history. He will be prepared for London and will leave the most decorated Olympian ev. USA! USA! USA!

Apparently Clary’s word wipes out all the words of Phelps’ other training partners who have said other wise. I believe swim swam has a video of young Chase Kaliz saying Phelps is the best training partner anybody could ask for. So many other swimmers have commented on how training with Phelps has made them swim faster, but Clary lets his jealousy out and suddently MP is a slacker? Completely crazy.

Erik Vendt and Davis Tarwater, who were also at Michigan in 2007/2008, have been quoted as saying similarly to Chase. But hey, maybe Phelps paid them all to say that…yeah, I don’t think so either.

Honestly what Clary said was true, just because Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals four years ago, that was FOUR YEARS AGO. That doesn’t make him greater than God now, he doesn’t work hard, he really doesn’t want, and it is a real shame that someone can swim fast without training hard, but lets he real. Michael Phelps obviously got his spot on the team because he earned, but he sure as hell does not deserve it.


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