Full ISL Rosters Heading Into 30-Day Free Agency

The 2021 International Swimming League draft has concluded, and we’ve got early-look rosters for all ten franchises.

You can our live draft coverage here, and can follow the full run of ISL personnel coverage in our event channel here. Teams were able to retain up to 16 athletes from previous seasons, with up to 11 more athletes drafted across a rookie round and fourteen general draft rounds.

We expect many changes to these rosters over the next few months (listed below), but these rosters do give a starting point for how each franchise will look in 2021.

  • Some drafted athletes will ultimately withdraw from the league, or never intended to swim in the league at all. We saw that with Noe Ponti (drafted to Tokyo, but still committed to staying in the NCAA), Maxime Grousset (drafted by New York despite never entering the draft pool), and Aimee Willmott (drafted by Toronto, but not registered with the league).
  • Teams can continue to add to their rosters via free agency, signing undrafted swimmers from the draft pool. Teams must carry at least 14 men and 14 women, and can sign up to 18 men and 18 women. Rosters must be finalized within 30 days after the draft, which would make July 30 the deadline for signing free agents.
  • We’d expect at least one or two new names to express interest in joining the league for next season. Though the ISL had set a hard deadline of May 30 for athletes to register, it remains to be seen if the rules are bent for any high-profile swimmers who decide they’d like to join the league over the next month.

Teams are listed in last year’s finish order.

Athletes are listed with their draft pick in a “Round.Pick” format. So the 5th pick of the first round would be “1.05.” The rookie-only round is listed with the letter “R” for the round.

Cali Condors

  • GM: Jason Lezak
  • Head Coach: Jeff Julian


Round Swimmer Stroke Country
1 Retained Kelsi Dahlia FL USA
2 Retained Molly Hannis BR USA
3 Retained Justin Ress BK USA
4 Retained Beata Nelson BK USA
5 Retained Coleman Stewart BK USA
6 Retained Marcin Cieslak FL/IM POL
7 Retained Kacper Majchrzak FR POL
8 Retained Hali Flickinger FL USA
9 Retained Erika Brown FR/FL USA
10 Retained Olivia Smoliga BK USA
11 Retained Nic Fink BR USA
12 Retained Natalie Hinds FR USA
13 Retained Townley Haas DFR USA
14 Retained Lilly King BR USA
15 Retained Caeleb Dressel FL/FR USA
16 Retained (fan vote) Eddie Wang FL TPE
17 R.10 Maaike de Waard BK/FL NED
18 5.10 Brodie Williams IM/BK GBR
19 6.10 Oleg Kostin FL RUS
20 7.10 Aleksandr Krasnykh FR RUS
21 8.10 Leonie Kullman DFR GER
22 9.10 Emily Escobedo BR USA
23 10.10 Jesse Puts FR NED
24 11.08 Mark Szaranek IM GBR
25 12.06 Sherridon Dressel BK USA
26 13.04 Khader Baqlah FR JOR
27 14.02 Kevin Cordes BR USA

Energy Standard

  • GM: James Gibson
  • Head Coach: Tom Rushton


Round Swimmer Stroke Country
1 Retained Sarah Sjostrom FR/FL SWE
2 Retained Siobhan Haughey FR HKG
3 Retained Chad Le Clos FL RSA
4 Retained Kliment Kolesnikov BK RUS
5 Retained Emily Seebohm BK AUS
6 Retained Ilya Shymanovich BR BLR
7 Retained Evgeny Rylov BK RUS
8 Retained Benedetta Pilato BR ITA
9 Retained Mary-Sophie Harvey IM CAN
10 Retained Anastasiya Shkurdai FL/IM BLR
11 Retained Madeline Banic FL USA
12 Retained Kregor Zirk FR/FL EST
13 Retained Femke Heemskerk FR NED
14 Retained Andrey Zhilkin FL RUS
15 Retained Florent Manaudou FR FRA
16 Retained (fan vote) Ben Proud FR GBR
17 R.09 Evgenia Chikunova BR RUS
18 5.09 Viktoria Gunes BR TUR
19 6.09 Max Stupin IM RUS
20 7.09 Felipe Lima BR BRA
21 8.09 Charlie Swanson IM USA
22 9.09 Boglarka Kapas FL HUN
23 10.09 Etiene Medeiros BK BRA
24 11.07 Helena Rosendahl Bach FL/FR DEN
25 12.05 James Guy FR/FL GBR
26 13.03 Marco de Tullio DFR ITA
27 14.01 Clement Mignon FR FRA

London Roar

  • GM: Rob Woodhouse
  • Head Coach: Stephen Tigg


Round Swimmer Stroke Country
1 Retained Emma Mckeon FL/FR AUS
2 Retained Kyle Chalmers FR AUS
3 Retained Kira Toussaint BK NED
4 Retained Sydney Pickrem IM CAN
5 Retained Alia Atkinson BR JAM
6 Retained Duncan Scott FR/IM GBR
7 Retained Freya Anderson FR GBR
8 Retained Luke Greenbank BK GBR
9 Retained Tom Dean DFR GBR
10 Retained Guilherme Guido BK BRA
11 Retained Marie Wattel FL FRA
12 Retained Annie Lazor BR USA
13 Retained Kirill Prigoda BR RUS
14 Retained Minna Atherton BK AUS
15 Retained Cate Campbell FR AUS
16 Retained (fan vote) Adam Peaty BR GBR
17 R.08 Kenzo Simons FR NED
18 4.08 Vini Lanza FL BRA
19 5.08 Dylan Carter FL/FR TTO
20 6.08 Christian Diener BK GER
21 7.08 Ross Murdoch BR GBR
22 8.08 Teppei Morimoto FL JPN
23 9.08 Ilaria Bianchi FL ITA
24 10.08 Andi Murez FR ISR
25 11.06 Zac Incerti FR AUS
26 12.04 Katsumi Nakamura FR JPN
27 13.02 Jenna Laukkanen BR FIN

LA Current

  • GM: Lenny Krayzelburg
  • Head Coach: David Marsh


Round Swimmer Stroke Country
1 Retained Tom Shields FL USA
2 Retained Beryl Gastaldello FL/FR FRA
3 Retained Katie Mclaughlin FL USA
4 Retained Madison Wilson FR AUS
5 Retained Kristian Gkolomeev FR GRE
6 Retained Ryan Held FR USA
7 Retained Maxime Rooney FR/FL USA
8 Retained Anastasia Gorbenko IM ISR
9 Retained Kathleen Baker BK USA
10 Retained Helena Gasson IM FRA
11 Retained Apostolos Christou BK GRE
12 Retained Abbey Weitzeil FR USA
13 Retained Ryan Murphy BK USA
14 Retained Tomoe Hvas FL NOR
15 Retained Fernando Scheffer DFR BRA
16 Retained (fan vote) Julia Sebastian BR ARG
17 R.07 Martin Malyutin FR RUS
18 4.07 Sara Franceschi IM ITA
19 5.07 Will Licon BR USA
20 6.07 Valentin Dumont FR BEL
21 7.07 Abrahm DeVine IM USA
22 8.07 Alina Zmushka BR IRO
23 9.07 Matt Wilson BR AUS
24 10.07 Anna Ntountounaki FL GRE
25 11.05 Bronte Campell FR AUS
26 12.03 Breno Correia FR BRA
27 13.01 Javier Acevedo BK CAN


  • GM: Dorina Szekeres
  • Head Coach: Luka Gabrilo


Round Swimmer Stroke Country
1 Retained Ranomi Kromowidjojo FR/FL NED
2 Retained Nicholas Santos FRL BRA
3 Retained Katinka Hosszu IM HUN
4 Retained Melanie Henique FL FRA
5 Retained Robert Glinta BK ROU
6 Retained Emre Sakci BR TUR
7 Retained Veronika Andrusenko FR RUS
8 Retained David Verraszto IM HUN
9 Retained Emilie Beckmann FL DEN
10 Retained Kristof Milak FL HUN
11 Retained Ida Hulkko BR FIN
12 Retained Leonardo Santos IM BRA
13 Retained Guilherme Basseto BK BRA
14 Retained Maria Ugolkova IM SUI
15 Retained Thom de Boer FR NED
16 Retained (fan vote) Marco Orsi FR ITA
17 R.06 Barbora Seemanova FR CZE
18 3.06 Mikhail Vekovishchev FL/FR RUS
19 4.06 Ingeborg Loyning BK NOR
20 5.06 Jenna Strauch BR AUS
21 6.06 Bernhard Reitshammer IM AUT
22 7.06 Matt Richards FR GBR
23 8.06 Costanza Cocconcelli IM/BK ITA
24 9.06 Andrej Barna FR SRB
25 10.06 Africa Zamorano IM/BK ESP
26 11.04 Kirill Strelnikov BR RUS
27 12.02 Lukas Maertens DFR GER

Tokyo Frog Kings

  • GM: Kosuke Kitajima
  • Head Coach: David Salo


Round Swimmer Stroke Country
1 Retained Catie Deloof BK/FR USA
2 Retained Suzuka Hasegawa FL JPN
3 Retained Vladimir Morozov FR/IM RUS
4 Retained Takeshi Kawamoto BK JPN
5 Retained Yasuhiro Koseki BR JPN
6 Retained Leah Smith DFR USA
7 Retained Kanako Watanabe BR JPN
8 Retained Tomoru Honda FL JPN
9 Retained Chihiro Igarashi DFR JPN
10 Retained Daiya Seto IM/FL JPN
11 Retained (fan vote) Cristian Quintero DFR VEN
12 R.05 Paige Madden DFR USA
13 3.05 Cassie Wild BK GBR
14 4.05 Grigory Tarasevich BK RUS
15 5.05 Nandor Nemeth FR HUN
16 6.05 Mallory Comerford FR USA
17 7.05 Ivan Girev FR RUS
18 8.05 Bowe Becker FR USA
19 9.05 Aly Tetzloff FR USA
20 12.01 Alessandro Pinzuti BR ITA

*Forfeited pick 10.05 for drafting Sarah Vasey (already retained)
*Forfeited pick 11.03 for drafting Noe Ponti (not competing in ISL)

Toronto Titans

  • GM: Rob Kent
  • Head Coach: Byron MacDonald


Round Swimmer Stroke Country
1 Retained Kylie Masse BK CAN
2 Retained Anton McKee BR ISL
3 Retained Shane Ryan BK IRL
4 Retained Kelsey Wog BR CAN
5 Retained Blake Pieroni FR USA
6 Retained Louise Hansson FL SWE
7 Retained Tessa Cieplucha IM CAN
8 Retained Kayla Sanchez FR/FL CAN
9 Retained Michelle Coleman BK/FR SWE
10 Retained Finlay Knox IM CAN
11 Retained Cole Pratt BK CAN
12 Retained Yuri Kisil FR CAN
13 Retained Alberto Razzetti IM ITA
14 Retained Lisa Bratton BK USA
15 Retained Anna Egorova DFR RUS
16 Retained (fan vote) Jay Lelliott DFR GBR
17 R.04 Kasia Wasick FR POL
18 2.04 Chelsea Hodges BR AUS
19 3.04 Max Litchfield IM GBR
20 4.04 Marius Kusch FL/FR GER
21 5.04 Luc Kroon FR NED
22 6.04 Fabian Schwingenschloegl BR GER
23 7.04 Grigori Pekarski FL BLR
24 8.04 Laura Stephens FL GBR
25 10.04 Brent Hayden FR CAN
26 11.02 Summer McIntosh IM CAN

*Forfeited pick 9.04 for drafting Aimee Willmott (not registered)

New York Breakers

  • GM: Martin Truijens
  • Head Coach: Martin Truijens


Round Swimmer Stroke Country
1 Retained Abbie Wood IM GBR
2 Retained Joe Litchfield BK GBR
3 Retained Arina Surkova FL/FR RUS
4 Retained Molly Renshaw BR GBR
5 Retained Marco Koch BR GER
6 Retained Felix Auboeck DFR AUT
7 Retained Svetlana Chimrova FL RUS
8 Retained Brendon Smith IM/DFR AUS
9 Retained Lewis Clareburt IM NZL
10 Retained Daria S. Ustinova BK RUS
11 Retained Ajna Kesely DFR HUN
12 Retained Sarah Vasey BR GBR
13 Retained James Wilby BR GBR
14 Retained Jacob Whittle FR GBR
15 Retained Alicja Tchórz BK POL
16 Retained (fan vote) Brandonn Almeida IM BRA
17 R.03 Matt Temple FL/FR AUS
18 2.03 David Popovici FR ROU
19 3.03 Mewen Tomac BK FRA
20 5.03 Lucy Hope FR GBR
21 6.03 Jakub Majerski FL POL
22 7.03 Marrit Steenbergen FR/IM NED
23 8.03 Daryna Zevina BK UKR
24 9.03 Cornelia Fiedkiewicz IM POL
25 11.01 Philip Heintz IM GER

*Forfeited pick 4.03 for drafting Maxime Grousset (not registered)
*Forfeited pick 10.03 for drafting Mehdy Metella (not registered)

DC Trident

  • GM: Kaitlin Sandeno
  • Head Coach: Cyndi Gallagher


Round Swimmer Stroke Country
1 Retained Zach Apple FR USA
2 Retained Zach Harting FL USA
3 Retained Jay Litherland IM USA
4 Retained Linnea Mack BK USA
5 Retained Ting Quah FL SGP
6 Retained Brianna Throssell FL AUS
7 Retained Leah Neale FR AUS
8 Retained Annika Bruhn FR GER
9 Retained Tristan Hollard BK AUS
10 Retained Jacob Pebley BK USA
11 Retained Bailey Andison IM CAN
12 Retained Velimir Stjepanovic FR SRB
13 Retained Tommy Cope IM USA
14 Retained Zane Grothe DFR USA
15 Retained Cody Miller BR USA
16 Retained (fan vote) Mohamed Samy BK EGY
17 R.02 Ryan Hoffer FR/FL USA
18 1.02 Anna Hopkin FR GBR
19 2.02 Maria Temnikova BR RUS
20 3.02 Andreas Vazaios IM GRE
21 4.02 Ali DeLoof BK USA
22 5.02 Zsuzsanna Jakabos IM HUN
23 6.02 Farida Osman FL EGY
24 7.02 Aleksandr Shchegolev FR RUS
25 8.02 Felipe Silva BR BRA
26 9.02 Tatiana Belonogoff BR RUS
27 10.02 Sergey Shevtsov FL UKR

Aqua Centurions

  • GM: Domenico Fioravanti
  • Head Coach: Matteo Giunta


Round Swimmer Stroke Country
1 Retained Federica Pellegrini FR ITA
2 Retained Martina Carraro BR ITA
3 Retained Arianna Castiglioni BR ITA
4 Retained Fabio Scozzoli BR ITA
5 Retained Nicolo Martinenghi BR ITA
6 Retained Szebasztian Szabo FL/FR HUN
7 Retained Elena Di Liddo FL ITA
8 Retained Silvia Di Pietro FR ITA
9 Retained Alessandro Miressi FR ITA
10 Retained Matteo Rivolta FL ITA
11 Retained Marcelo Chierighini FR BRA
12 Retained Leonardo De Deus FL BRA
13 Retained Simone Sabbioni BK ITA
14 Retained Vladislav Grinev FR RUS
15 Retained Thomas Ceccon FR/BK ITA
16 Retained (fan vote) Fabio Santi BK BRA
17 R.01 Arno Kamminga BR NED
18 1.01 Maria Kameneva BK/FR RUS
19 2.01 Kathleen Dawson BK GBR
20 3.01 Chase Kalisz IM USA
21 4.01 Holly Hibbott DFR GBR
22 5.01 Fantine Lesaffre IM FRA
23 6.01 Holly Barratt FR/BK AUS
24 7.01 Radoslaw Kawecki BK POL
25 8.01 Rika Omoto IM JPN
26 9.01 Ilia Borodin IM RUS
27 10.01 Matteo Ciampi DFR ITA

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6 months ago

Maybe text or email a copy to Salo

Reply to  Ghost
6 months ago

Maybe scroll the names after each swimmer is drafted or have a better system in place.

6 months ago

Can someone tell me if these teams are balanced

Reply to  Khachaturian
6 months ago

You could try and determine that by simulating a meet but it’s really impossible to know until we see how the swimmers perform. Certain swimmers that were not valuable last season because they weren’t swimming well (James Guy, Katie McLaughlin) have the potential to be extremely valuable this year, swimmers that were good in 2019 but had an iffy past year (Mallory Comerford) could either be great assets or disappointments and swimmers that improved a lot in LCM like Kathleen Dawson could be game changers if they translate those improvements.

Reply to  Hannah
6 months ago

Morozov is another example of a guy primed for a big rebound

6 months ago

Murez is from Israel not from USA

Dan Pit
Reply to  Hswimmer
6 months ago

She swims for Israel but grew up in California USA and swam for Venice high school. At the olympics she represents Israel.

6 months ago

Centurions have done a good rebuilding effort, but they are still missing some pieces of the puzzle.
They desperetely need a female 200 flyer, even if they intend to put Hibbott there. They might need someone other than Dawson for 200 back, as well.
These assuming everyone picked will swim the whole season, which isn’t certain.

Reply to  iceman
6 months ago

Yeah I agree, but I honestly think they will make the final. The retaining system helped them keep their top males, and now they can focus on females who were the issue all along for them.

6 months ago

Is Penny Oleksiak not swimming ISL this season? I expected to see her on the Toronto Titans roster.

6 months ago

Looking forward to seeing who teams put in the individual freestyles. For example, Toronto will have a tough decision between Coleman/Sanchez/Wasick who are all very similar 50/100 specialists. But perhaps, they can save Sanchez for 200 free and 100/200 IM. Energy needs to decide between Haughey/Sjostrom/Heemskerk, but there’s is more clear. Haughey 100/200), SS (50/100), Heemskerk (50/200). Crazy to think some of these swimmers will miss an individual spot yet if they were with another team e.g., Breakers or DC they would be standouts.

6 months ago

Why theISL? Are not world championships, oly trials, Olympics, NCAAs, state meets enough?

Reply to  Bill
6 months ago

No. Not at all. These are professional swimmers, a major competition every 2 years is nowhere near enough of high level competing

Eric the Eel > Michael Phelps
6 months ago

Where is TITMUS???

Reply to  Eric the Eel > Michael Phelps
6 months ago

I reckon she’s avoiding overdoing it after her injury scare.

Miss M
Reply to  Eric the Eel > Michael Phelps
6 months ago

Looks like all the Boxall coached athletes are out: no Titmus, Larkin, Harkin, Harris …

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