Four Cities Up For 2022, 2024 World Champs Hosting Duties

Budapest, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and Kazan are the final four candidates to host FINA’s 2022 and/or 2024 Short Course World Championships, per a FINA press release today. FINA will select hosts next week.

This is a major month for FINA meetings. The FINA Bureau met today in Budapest, preparing for the meetings of the General Congress and Technical Congress later this month. The General Congress meeting also coincides with the vote for FINA’s next president – incumbent Julio Maglione is running for a third term against challenger Paolo Barellicurrently the president of Italy’s swimming federation and of the European swimming federation.

The meetings take place before the start of the 2017 FINA World Championships, which will also be held in Budapest. The FINA press release notes a handful of notable results of this FINA Bureau meeting. Here are a few of the most impactful:

  • Budapest (Hungary), Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Hong Kong (Hong Kong) and Kazan (Russia) are in the mix to host Short Course Worlds in 2022 and/or 2024. That decision will be handed down on July 17.
  • The FINA Bureau approved voting methods for the upcoming General and Technical Congresses. The Technical Congress will vote by show of hands, while the General Congress will use secret ballot.
  • The Bureau also approved a Revision Committee and Scrutineers for the General Congress. Here’s the list, per the press release: The Revision committee is “Mr Onat Yildrim, Mr Maurice Watkins, Mr Richard Young and Chief Olatokunbo Thomas (all members of the FINA Legal Committee). The Scrutineers (one per continent) will be: Africa – Mr Mustapha Larfaoui; Americas – Mr Eldon Godfrey; Asia – Mr Qiuping Zhang; Europe – Mr Bartolo Consolo; Oceania – Mr Christopher Fydler.”
  • A couple proposals were finalized to update technical rules for women’s water polo, given the recent IOC decision to expand the Olympic women’s water polo field from 8 teams to 10.
  • The 2018 World Junior Synchronized Swimming Championships will be awarded to Budapest, Hungary.

The release also mentions a new “FINA anti-doping educational programme,” though no specifics are given. FINA also says it will be providing financial assistance to federations competing at Junior Worlds starting in 2019.

Here’s a look at the upcoming hosts for FINA World Championship events in both short course and long course:

  • 2017 Worlds (LCM): Budapest, Hungary
  • 2018 Worlds (SCM): Hangzhou, China
  • 2019 Worlds (LCM): Gwangju, South Korea
  • 2020 Worlds (SCM): Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 2021 Worlds (LCM): Fukuoka, Japan
  • 2022 Worlds (SCM): TBD
  • 2023 Worlds (LCM): Doha, Qatar
  • 2024 Worlds (SCM): TBD

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Interesting that the LCM is never held in the states

ct swim fan

I was thinking the same thing. Wonder why.

Bo swims

US would have to bid for it. If LA gets the 2028 games having worlds there in 2027 would be a great lead up.


Too expensive. Long Beach bid in 2005, and after watching the financial fiasco it became for the city that won (One of the heads of Montreal 2005 killed himself over it. Literally.) they publicly said they felt like they’d dodged a bullet by not getting it. And since the Long Beach folks probably talked enough for anyone else interested in bidding down the line to have second thoughts, and FINA has probably only made requirements that cost more since then, no one has wanted to even try because they couldn’t get the necessary public-private partnership funding they need to make it work.

bobo gigi

In London I’ve read it has costed around 300 million $. Please don’t talk about money. 😆 Stop giving billions to oil companies each year. Fight the tax dodge, the tax avoidance and stop giving giant tax cuts to the rich who don’t need them. Stop spending so much in defense. All of that could already bring hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Build a federal swimming facility with public money which will be the emblem of American swimming. And if it’s not possible then find a billionaire who loves swimming and can easily spend 300 million dollars instead of putting his money in Cayman Islands….


I was wondering when you would rant against the rich in the US again

bobo gigi

The question has been asked at least 200 times on swimswam. And every time we are told that there’s no place in that small and very poor country to host that meet.

bobo gigi

Maybe one day a beautiful swimming and diving complex will be built in USA to host LCM worlds. It could also serve for other big meets like US nationals, juniors, olympic trials, but also for the region and for people all year…. 20000 seats in the pool. Why not in New York? I imagine the diving competition outside with great TV pictures like in Barcelona. Open water in the Hudson River. But it can be in California too. Or in Miami. It will happen one day. It’s not possible that the best swimming nation never hosts that meet. Look at track and field. It will finally happen in Eugene in 2020. Not the biggest stadium but at least it will… Read more »


In the case of Eugene, it’s because Nike is willing to effectively underwrite the meet held in its hometown. I’m not sure which company would be willing to do the same for aquatics.


There is no permanent facility in the USA that could host this kind of event, especially the way it’s blown up as a huge spectator draw. The main competition pool needs to seat 10,000 plus, and there is no permanent pool that has that capacity. The only way this could happen (assuming the financials were not a concern) is if LA gets the 2024 or 2028 games, and their facilities are completed in time to make it a test event. Building a facility to FINA spec just for that meet would be incredibly expensive, and a white elephant after. Yes, there are LOTS of national meets to go around, but think of all the other facilities that bid on those…… Read more »


Easy solution. Have Myrtha put a pool on ATT stadium in dallas. Can also get a diving facility in there as well. Put warm up pool in an attached temporary facility (ala Rio). Open water in Lake Grapevine or White Rock lake. By the time 2025 or 2027 hits the new Texas Rangers indoor baseball stadium with attached convention hall space will be done for other media and expo uses.



No chance you could use NFL stadiums. Not in the time of year they want World Champs to be. Better bet would be to find a city and an arena that usually has NHL/NBA teams but is partly open that time of year to build a temporary pool set-up ala Omaha, but most of those arenas are being packed with concerts at that time of year.


You could absolutely use an NFL stadium in the mid to late July timeframe, as long as the year down doesn’t take more than two-three weeks


Chinese Taipei is in Taiwan, not Thailand.

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