Former Swim Instructor Accused Of Inappropriate Conduct With Teenage Employees

A former Pennsylvania swim school instructor has been charged with a felony and three misdemeanor charges based on his interactions with teenage female employees. Robert N. Keller is accused of giving alcohol to the teens, using inappropriate and sexual language with them and trying to entice them away from their parents.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Keller, 44, was a teacher at the Goldfish Swim School in Peters Township, Pennsylvania since December 2017. The swim school fired him on April 9 of this year, the same day that the allegations about his behavior were reported to local police. Keller admitted to police the next day that he had used inappropriate and sexual language with a 16-year-old girl. Per the Post-Gazette, Keller said he was infatuated with the girl, and that he “believed she was inhabited by the soul of a deceased former girlfriend.”

Keller’s behavior was towards multiple girls at the swim school, per the report. He was overheard talking about three girls as they walked to the swim school’s showers, saying “This is my fantasy, seeing me and three hot chicks in a shower,” per the Post-Gazette. He had also invited the teenage girls to his house, provided alcohol to them, helped them look into getting a tattoo without parental consent, and told one girl to leave her phone behind so her parents couldn’t track her location. One 16-year-old girl did accept his invitation to come over, and spent the night at his house. The criminal complaint says he gave her alcohol, asked for photographs of her and told her his “dream fantasy,” among other inappropriate comments.

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1 year ago

He “believed she was inhabited by the soul of a deceased former girlfriend.”

Well that took a turn.

Reply to  ACC
1 year ago


Reply to  ACC
1 year ago

Poor ex girlfriend.

1 year ago

Soooo..this behavior is frowned upon?

Swimmer A
Reply to  Lpman
1 year ago


1 year ago

String him up

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