Former National Teamer Jasmine Tosky Announces Retirement with 1 Year of Eligibility Remaining

USC junior Jasmine Tosky has announced her retirement from competitive swimming on the same day as the pre-cut selection lists for the NCAA Championships were revealed without her name on them – when she otherwise would have earned an invite to the meet.

“This was not a spontaneous decision and I understand it was not elegantly timed,” Tosky said of her decision. “I am very grateful that my coaches and teammates have supported me. I also want to thank USC and the entire Athletic Department. This decision was made completely separate from USC and I look forward to completing my degree in business administration next year. My time as a Trojan means the world to me. Fight on!”

Tosky is a former member of the USA Swimming National Team and was a member of the 2010, 2011, and 2012 World Championship meets, including golds in both 2011 and 2012 as a prelims swimmer on Team USA’s 800 free relays. She also placed 9th individually in the 200 fly at the 2012 World Short Course Championships.

Tosky earned 5 All-American awards in her three seasons at USC.

“During every athlete’s career, regardless of success realized or not, they will come to the decision to retire from the sport,” USC head coach Dave Salo said. “Jasmine’s decision has been made during the process of training and competing each and every day over the past couple of years. We admire the courage it took for her to conclude that she was done with swimming during the Pac-12 Championships when her teammates and coaches were there to be supportive of her decision.”

Salo continued: “It is with the greatest respect that I appreciate Jasmine felt it was best for her and, maybe more importantly, for her team, that she should conclude her season now rather than later. There is no greater personal accountability from an athlete than when they decide on their terms when to retire. Jasmine is a proud Trojan and we are excited for her as she moves on in her life without collegiate swimming.”

With retirement, Tosky gives up one remaining season of eligibility.

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It’s interesting to see two top swimmers- Jasmine and Maddy Schaefer retire before the conclusion of the season. Ultimately though, I applaud them. If their hearts aren’t in it, they made the mature decision to remove themselves from the team so the team could go on to succeed without any distractions. I knew far too many juniors and seniors who brought down the team dynamic because they were ready to retire but didn’t take the leap. Congrats to Jasmine on a great career and good luck in the future!


They were teammates at PASA. I imagine they were able to support each other during some difficult times and decisions. Best of luck to both of them.


I was hoping she was just in a bit of a temporary slump and could turn things around again, but I agree with what DM said. I knew something was up after she scratched B finals in the 4IM at Pac-12s. A few weeks ago I watched her swim at the USC/UCLA dual meet and she was smiling a lot. So between that and her classy announcement above, I have a feeling she’s been considering it for awhile and is at peace with her decision. As a bonus I’m really glad to hear her coaches/teammates support her, that’s a classy team. Good luck to Jasmine in her next chapter. And best wishes for USC at NC2As!


I am afraid that those two retirements are foretelling what will come next in California swimming. They start as six year old ones and then catch Bobo’s imagination who extrapolates their success through next 25 years of competitive swimming. But once they get into high school they have been racing at the highest level for almost ten years, completely forgoing any childhood and fun associated with it. They only know stress and then have to take on five AP classes a year, because in the Bay Area you are a freak if you don’t do it. Of course their coach will threaten to kick them out of the team if they miss one morning practice. In retrospect, I am sure… Read more »


USC is in the bay area???

bobo gigi

Mr, Mrs or Miss Troll, yes, thanks for mentioning my name. It looks like I become a real obsession for some of you.
And also, thanks for making me look like totally stupid and idiot.
Yes, everything you said, do you believe I’m not aware?????????????????????
The hard training at young ages, the stress, the pressure, the academics….
No I’m not aware of course.
I know that swimmers are not robots. Thanks for that news.
Please, don’t take me for a stupid swim fan.


Bobo, much of the time I like and appreciate your comments. What I think SwimTroll was trying to say, in a hyperbolic way, was that young kids in sports aren’t meant to get the level of scrutiny that adults are. Sometimes in your enthusiasm and passion for the sport, which is otherwise very much appreciated, you do seem a bit more interested in picking children as young as 10 years old and following their “career”, trying to most accurately predict who will be the next or even distant future breakout star, rather than being content with enjoying and celebrating them for who they are today in this moment. But if so, although you focus on times and predictions a lot,… Read more »

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