Florent Manaudou breaks World Record in 50 free on Friday in Doha

The first two days of Short Course Worlds in Doha, Qatar saw three new world records each. Day 3 outdid both. The 4th world record went down in the 50 freestyle, where French fast-twitch specialist Florent Manaudou went 20.26 to break a super-suited mark set by South Africa’s Roland Schoeman.

Manaudou and Schoeman are actually very similar swimmers. Both specialize in the 50 free, but use unbelievable starts and turns to be major international factors in the 50s of other strokes as well.

Manaudou got under Schoeman’s mark by just .04. Here’s a quick splits comparison of the two 50s:

  • 2014 Manaudou: 20.26
  • 2009 Schoeman: 20.30

(That’s a joke, everyone. You can laugh now.)

That’ll stand up as Manaudou’s second gold medal of these championships, after he was the hero of the French 4×100 free relay that won gold on day 1. The individual 100 free goes off tomorrow morning with the final on Sunday.

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5 years ago

What a swim. What is the 2nd fastest ever in a textile? Could be on WR watch for his 100 free considering how close he was last year.

Reply to  Alec
5 years ago

2nd fastest is Cielo 20.51

5 years ago

As i posted in another thread, it was an awesome swim by Manaudou:Powerful start(i am salivating to see his 15meters mark time), great turn and straight arm finish.In 50free, the man who makes less mistakes win, and that man is MANAUDOU.
On another side, i think age is coming for Cielo.Terrible start(a bit too deep)and slugish finish.Detail:In semis, he made 20.80 breathing and looking for Manaudou side twice, that just shows how bad today swim was.
I will not be surprised if Manaudou destroys 50back WR tomorrow.

Reply to  DDias
5 years ago

you mean straight arm all the way

Reply to  DDias
5 years ago

it was a perfect swim that’s why 🙂 and yeah straight arm all the way.

Steve Nolan
5 years ago

I wish we did have splits for these! Short course, brah.

25 splits are my favorite.

Lennart van Haaften
Reply to  Steve Nolan
5 years ago

I think I saw 25m splits at one of the world cup meets this year. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 25m free event.:P

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