FINIS Set of the Week: Never Miss Leg Day

Set of the Week is courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner.

This week’s set of the week comes courtesy of Jill Dahle,
Masters Swimmer & Coach; Director Sales & Marketing for FINIS

As a coach, I have a hard time striking a healthy balance with kick sets – it can feel like all or nothing. My swimmers often perceive a kick set as social time and the effort just isn’t there – so to compensate, I make the intervals challenging and often leave a large part of the group in the dust. Am I alone here??? As a solution to this, I’ve been using fin work to drive the intensity, without relying on crazy intervals to demand effort.

2 Rounds with Fins – preferably a power fin like the FINIS Edge.

1 x 25 Flutter Kick with a board Easy Effort
2 x 25 Dolphin Kick with a board
1 x 75 Flutter Kick with a board Medium Effort
2 x 25 Dolphin Kick with a board
Drop the Board
1 x 125 Flutter Kick Streamline on back, FAST
2 x 25 Dolphin Kick Streamline on back, FAST
1 x 25 Easy – Shake out the Legs

About FINIS, Inc.

John Mix and Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Pablo Morales founded FINIS in Northern California in 1993 with a mission to simplify swimming for athletes, coaches, beginners and lifelong swimmers around the world. Today, FINIS fulfills that mission through innovation, high-quality products and a commitment to education. FINIS products are currently available in over 80 countries. With a focus on innovation and the fine details of swimming, FINIS will continue to develop products that help more people enjoy the water.

Set of the Week is courtesy of FINIS, Inc., a SwimSwam partner.

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5 years ago

They need to double the repeats rather than run set twice.

5 years ago

How about just don’t do kick sets?

5 years ago

The set looks so random.