Day 8 Finals Recap Presented By Engine

by Garrett McCaffrey 14

July 02nd, 2012 News

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Regarding Anthony Ervin, the answer is yes, he was the first African American Olympic swimmer, as well as the first gold medalist. However, he never seemed very comfortable in the role. In an interview back in 2000, he said something like, “I understand that people are interested in it, but that’s not why I’m doing it.”

Cullen, in contrast has really embraced it.

Good times in the women’s 50 free but no chances of medals in this race in London. You have to swim at least 24.10 to have a medal. Perhaps they will improve their times. For the future Jessica Hardy must forget breaststroke to focus only on freestyle. She can make damages on sprint. Not the best race for Dara Torres but to swim under 25 seconds for a 45-year-old woman is still impressive. Good times in the men’s 1500 free too. No chances of medals in London. But the depth is better. It’s a little promising for the future. Overall it’s the freestyle which has a problem in USA on the men’s side. Curiously not in the 50 free. But… Read more »

Bobo.. the problem is.. Sun yang and Paltrinieri and younger than the US 1500.. Paltrinieri is 17!

Jean Michel

We don’t care those swimmers are younger !!!! useless detail

uselles? SUn ia younger and WR record Holder.. Paltrinieri is 17 and will already be a finalist and probably the only guy in the world who will have the ability to put up soma challenge for SUN.

You are biased, when phelps crushed his first world records and he was young you probably gave a lot of thought on how young he was and already being a major level swimmer, now because they are not from US, it doesn´t matter? So you should also say Missy being young is a uselles detail! They don´t improve more when they are young, right^?

Maybe the fact that Magnussen is younger than ANY top sprinters, with the exception of Roberts and Agnel, is also useless detail.



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