FINA Announces Three Doping Suspensions

Over the past month, FINA announced the conclusion of investigations and subsequent punishments regarding three doping cases.

On June 29th, the Federation announced the consequences for Greek swimmer Theodora Giareni, who tested positive for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, a class S.1.2 anabolic agent. The drug increases testosterone for its desirable effects. The ruling stems from her positive tests before and during the Rio Olympics, from which she was sent home early. Giareni now hasn’t competed since 2015, but  was a member of the last-place 4×100 free relay at the 2012 Olympics. The Greek National Anti-doping Agency has deemed Giareni ineligible for four years, retroactive to July 5th, 2017.

On June 30th, the Chilean Anti-doping Agency handed out a four year ban for swimmer Heng Hun Salas. He’s been serving a provisional suspension since March 30th, 2016, when he tested positive for Clenbuterol at Chilean Nationals. A class S.1.2 anabolic agent, Clenbuterol is often used for weight loss. The drug been the subject of much debate, as many professional athletes have claimed they unknowingly ingested it by taking contaminated supplements (like Jessica Hardy in 2008) or eating contaminated food. Salas’ four year period of ineligibility will include the time he’s already served, and if he returns to the sport, he’ll be looking to reclaim his former glory after winning the 50 and 100 breast in at Nationals in 2014.

On July 3rd, Iranian water polo player Arian Pajam was given a four-year ban by the Iran National Anti-doping Agency following a positive test for Metenolone, a class S.1.1.A exogenous anabolic androgenic steroid. The drug increases testosterone and synthetic androgens in the body in order to promote cell protein growth, among other things. The ban is retroactive to January 29th, 2016, when he was initially given a provisional suspension.

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Coach Mike 1952
3 years ago

Isn’t this like a case in general of too little, too late? Come on FINA, we are not stupid.

Ned Jr
3 years ago

A bit disappointed at the lack of testing that should have occurred on the 22 July in Budapest. Clearly some major offences would have shown up by the way those attending voted. Must have been on something to blindly vote in the manner they did for the octogenarian and his mates at the top table.

3 years ago

Not very exciting at all . Not going to haul in the millions $ on this trio of unknowns .

Coach Broseph
Reply to  G.I.N.A
3 years ago

Exactly!! Come on its just like how Crossfit would never out Rich Froning for a positive test. Fina will never out their stars that are bringing revenue to the sport. Plenty of track guys clearly using and their countries aren’t going to out their best athlete. Just like Russia and China coming up in discussions for hiding positive tests for their top athletes. I will say US seems more accountable than most countries since we have a huge pool of great athletes – Case in point Hardy even after making the team. This is one of the best interviews on the growing prevalence of PEDs in sports and how there are so many layers that athletes have to protect them… Read more »

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