Feeling ‘Lost’ After Rio Gold, Singapore’s Schooling Says, “I’m Back”

Singapore’s first-ever Olympic gold medalist, Joseph Schooling, has been relatively quiet on the international racing front. Post-Rio, the University of Texas student-athlete was greeted with a hero’s welcome in his home nation, complete with parade, ceremonies and prestigious meet-and-greets. Now almost a year removed from his historic swim, Schooling admits his instant fame caused him to get ‘lost’, a feeling which impacted his NCAA performances, including missing out on the 200 butterfly final.

However, while competing at the Texas Sernior Circuit Meet the weekend of June 8th, Schooling posted a world’s top ten-worthy time in the 100m butterfly, clocking 51.82. He also registered an impressive 50m butterfly time of 23.51 at the meet, just off his personal best of 23.25. As a result, Schooling declares “I’m back”, just in time with the 2017 World Championships only 30 days away.

“I kind of lost myself [after Rio]… I definitely understand the situation (of extra attention) better, and I know how to manage it now,” Schooling said in a recent The New Paper interview.

“Having so much attention, and in such a large-scale, can definitely be overwhelming, and you can definitely lose yourself, and that was where I was from August to December last year.

“Now, I tell myself ‘keep doing well, accomplish what you want to do, all the opportunities will come and you can enjoy them when you’re done with swimming’.

“I’ve definitely learned to say no to certain opportunities, because I have to take care of my swimming, and I definitely forgot swimming was the priority in the first semester after the Olympics.”

Schooling said as much in an interview at the NCAA Championships, where he stated he hadn’t been back in the water until December 2016, a fact which made Texas Head Coach Eddie Reese ‘nervous.’

Back to form, however, at the Senior Circuit meet Schooling also raced the 200m butterfly in just prelims, stopping the clock in a time of 2:00.21, of which the 21-year-old was pleased.

“It’s always hard to break the two-minute mark in the morning heats, swimming next to no one,” he said. “But I’ve looked at my splits; I backed off the third 50m a bit too much, but I came back strong (in the last lap).” Schooling’s splits in the race were 26.76/30.50 (57.26); 32.05/30.90 (1:02.95).

“That means I am fit, I am ready to go, and that was what I was looking for… with more rest the race is going to be easier, and if you put someone next to me, I’m definitely going to go way faster.”


Schooling is tentatively slated to race the 50m, 100m and 200m butterfly events, as well as the 100m freestyle. In May, Schooling stated one of his primary goals is to take down American Michael Phelps’ World Record time of 49.82 in the 100m butterfly, whether in Budapest or beyond.

“I’m looking forward to that race and deep down I think if I do what I know I can do, if I execute everything well perfectly, I’d have a really good shot,” said Schooling.

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He’s just upset he got beat by a freestyler in his best event 100 Fly..

Hilarious. You really think that winning another NCAA title is the same as an individual Olympic gold? Dressel is an awesome swimmer but lets not pretend he has come close to achieving what Schooling has on the world stage. Not even close.

He might not win another. He’s given up on the 200 fly, and Dressel will only get better.

Dressel will definitely get better than his PB of 52.22. Perhaps 51.8

At NCAAs, he’ll get to 42.9.

He won an Olympic gold only because Phelps had swum the 200 IM final — his last individual event plus all the relays he swum —-way faster than he needed to for a win 30 min earlier (with an awards ceremony in between), and LeClos had burned his legs with three insane rounds of take-it-out-fast 200 frees and then the 200 fly rounds. Schooling was completely rested for that one event. You are making Schooling out to be something he’s not. He’s probably topped out at speed, and he apparently doesn’t have the whatever to be consistent in the 200 fly, especially LCM.

Schooling bots out in full force.

OK. yes. The US team shouldn’t force MP to swim the free relays without even doing it a trials. They could win without MP in 4×200 but put him in the relay which cost Conger a chance to swim in the final and cost MP a gold in 100 fly. LOL😂 He must be able to go 49 and destroy everyone without those stupid free relays, right?

How many times has Phelps beaten Schooling head to head? And vice versa? I rest my case. You Schooling fanboys/bots are hilarious.

Phelps beat Schooling head to head twice, once in 2011 in the 100 fly when Schooling was 16 and another time during the heats of the Olympics in the 200 fly when Schooling was 17. On the other hand, Schooling has beaten Phelps 3 times, the first being the Longhorn Elite Invite last year in the 100 fly, then during the 100 fly heats at the Olympics and of course the Olympic Final. Forgive me if my information is wrong about how many times Phelps has beaten Schooling head to head, but if it is correct, Schooling has beat Phelps more times than Phelps has beat him

Schooling beat MP at least twice, Chad Le Clos only once. Not too many times but enough to drive MP’s fans mad. lol.
btw I’m not Schooling’s fanboy, just a hater of MP’s mad fans.

phelps swam more events in beijing olympics but he still can win 100 fly with olympic record so u can’t say he is tired in rio.

He was 8 years older. Ever hear about how recovery diminishes with age?

What a stupid comment. Phelps wasn’t touching 50.3 no matter what.

50.33 relay split in his 12th race of the meet. Yeah, he couldn’t possibly go 50.3 if he only swam the 100 fly and the prelims and semis of the 100 free, like Schooling. Oh, yeah, I forgot. Schooling dodged the 200 fly at Rio.
Phelps beat Cocker head to head more than once. Schooling beat Cocker’s best time, which was without a start wedge and in 2005, by .01 sec. BFD.


Schooling knew he had no chance in the 200

Phelps is the fastest ever 100 fly textile in the water at 50.45. Check his reaction time 2015 nationals. Not even at his peak relative to other events result.

Thats not true. Phelps is in fact the third fastest in textile, behind Schooling and Crocker

Fastest swims in a textile suit:
1. Joseph Schooling – 50.39 (2016)
2. Ian Crocker – 50.40 (2005)
3. Michael Phelps – 50.45 (2015)
4. Chad Le Clos – 50.56 (2015)

I just said fastest in the water factoring reaction times:
Schooling 50.39 RT(.61)
Crocker 50.40 RT(.72)
Phelps 50.45 RT(.81)

reaction time does not matter

Crocker without at start wedge. Makes a difference.

Don’t act like Phelps and LeClos have ever swum a 50.3 in textile.

50.39. And it’s 11 years — yes, 11 years —- after the best Texas flyer swam a 50.40 textile with no start wedge. So BFD for Schooling. He finally beat Crocker, sort of.

NCAA is nothing to Schooling and it’s in yards. After Olympics, swimmers may slack a bit that’s why Dressel has some chance. If Schooling is in fierce mode, no chance to beat Schooling. Don’t always sound like Dressel is a god, Schooling has an individual Gold which is more prestigious than his relay golds.

If NCAAs is nothing to schooling then why did he get so butt hurt when he lost

He is competitive in nature. He won the past 2 NCAAs so when he lost this year, it definitely not going to be sweet. It’s normal to feel the disappointment.

Let’s wait until Schooling beats 43.5 before we say Dressel has no chance.


Um Schooling went a 43.75 in that race, and he didn’t swim until December. I don’t think k 43.58 is going to be tough for him to pull off! Plus Dressel has so many events he can turn to.

Didn’t swim until December, except he did. By “didn’t swim” he meant not like the run-up to the Olympics. He swam in meets in the fall. Dressel swam prelims and finals of nearly all his relays. Schooling, not so.

He can do it next year. I am confident. Most likely 100 and 200 yard records will be back to his hands again.

Attila the Runt

And the other guy’s third best event.

“Third” key word.

Cheatin Vlad

He should just swim the 50/100 because he isn’t going to medal in the 200. 30.90 last 50 doesn’t seem like a measuring stick for fitness to me regardless of morning heats or not.

Possible for him. you never know what he will do. He gives us many surprises that i didnt even dream of that sometimes.

Schooling will not go 49.82 or faster in 2017 or I’m going to be the world record holder in that event someday.

He’ll be the male version of Missy Franklin. Rio and done.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Joe doesnt have back spasms like Missy does

Know, his spasms are more in the neck area when he swims next to Dressel.

Bigly, I know that’s the reign of fake news right now in USA but please…. 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 Missy Franklin won the 200 back silver medal at SCM worlds in 2010. Plus the bronze in the 4X100 medley relay. She won 5 medals at 2011 worlds in Shanghai. 3 of them in gold in the 200 back, the 4X200 free and 4X100 medley relays. Plus the silver in the 4X100 free relay and the bronze in the 50 back. That year she also broke the 200 back SCM world record. In 2012 she wins 5 olympic medals in London. 4 of them in gold in the 100 back, 200 back, the 4X200 free and 4X100 medley relays. Plus the… Read more »

At London, Missy was
100 free 53.51
200 free 1:54.81
100 back (relay) 58.39
200 back 2:04.76

Hasn’t touched those times since. So your point, Bobo, is what?

And her best times in the LCM 100, 200 back and LCM frees were when, Bobo?

MP swam his best times in LCM in 2009. Michael Phelps Rome and done!

Well since Phelps skipped half his practices in 2010-2011 no wonder he declined. He was too old in 2016,

Tech suits. Brilliant comparison.

MP didn’t even swim his best in textile in Rio.
How hilarious are you to say someone’s done just after her PB, especially when the PB is a world record which is not easy to break. Will you say Ledecky’s done if she fails to break her own amazing record this year?

Also, Bobo, I thought all bathtub swims didn’t count.

Missy Franklin did break a world record LOL

Missy, London and done. Schooling, Rio and done.

Missy definitely wasn’t done in Barcelona

In what meet did she swim her all-time best times in the LCM 100, 200 back and 200 free? It’s been a decay in performance since London. Period.

He’ll be slower than Rio. That was his magical moment. And he’ll probably get beat.

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