Fastest Man in Texas Shootout draws 20 World-Class Swimmers for 2014 Event

Swimming News Courtesy of Fastest Man in Texas SHOOTOUT. 

Jimmy Feigen (courtesy of Tim Binning, again on Sat. Nov 1st at High Noon, the Josh Davis Swim Center in San Antonio will host the Fastest Man in Texas SHOOTOUT!, and for the first time, the Fastest Woman in Texas SHOOTOUT! It will take 3 rounds of 50yd free, spaced 45 minutes apart, to win the grand prize of $5000. Last year’s event almost saw Nathan Adrian breaking his own American Record, going :18.7. The 2014 SHOOTOUT! is shaping up to be a real showdown between Texas and Auburn based Gunslingers. Perennial fastest man in Texas Jimmy “The Sherriff” Feigen will try and defend his home turf against the likes of one of the fastest in the world right now, Brazilian gaucho Bruno “The Widowmaker” Fratus. But both will have to go through the fastest and tallest outlaw in Arizona, big, bad Matt “Gotcha Covered” Grevers.

The women’s side will be just as exciting as American Record Holder, Lara “The Jackhammer” Jackson continues her comeback. She will face a fired up Megan “Out For Revenge” Romano and the always fast, Arianna “V for Vendetta” Vanderpool-Wallace.

Although friends with each other outside of the pool, once High Noon strikes and the lanes clear, it’s every man and woman for themselves. Josh “Check Out My Guns” Schneider said, “We’ve trained our whole lives for meets like this. Winners and losers are determined by hundreths. Now that Nathan’s gone yellow, I’m gonna take that $5000 and I don’t care how tall Grevers is.”

Not to be taken lightly is the Racers from Auburn: Bruno Fratus, Chierighini, Brown and Jackson. Coach Brett Hawke, who was once a great Aussie Gunslinger himself, has trained numerous fast hands. And the posse he is sending over from the Auburn ranch is a dangerous bunch. But the racers with Texas pride won’t give up easy.

Will the Fastest be from Texas, Alabama, Georgia or Arizona? Who will win the $5000 and be crowned the Fastest Man or Woman in Texas?!!!

The Fastest Man/Woman in Texas SHOOTOUT! is held in conjunction with the Battle for the Crown High School Invitational, where over 300 parochial school swimmers from around Texas will kick there season off while sharing the deck with Olympians and other SHOOTOUT! racers. 3-time Olympian Ian Crocker noted, “It’s really fun for us to integrate with the high school swimmers. They cheer for us and we cheer for them. It’s a great atmosphere to go fast and have fun!”

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, Team FINIS (courtesy of Mike Lewis)

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, Team FINIS (courtesy of Mike Lewis)

A special twist this year has a Costume Dinner party 7:30-9pm the night before on Halloween. Everyone is encouraged to come in costume and spend a memorable Halloween with some of the fastest swimmers in the world. Matt Grevers and his wife Annie have a history of awesome costumes so there should be some great selfies and facebook photos to be had.

Both meets combined, the SHOOTOUT! and the BATTLE FOR THE CROWN, make up the Joan Davis Memorial Invite, which honors Josh Davis’s mom who passed away of cancer 2 1/2 years ago. Josh explains, “As we grow this meet our goal is to create a fund to support other families facing terminal cancer but also to always recognize the efforts of all Swim Moms who feed us, drive us and cheer us to being our best.”

Here is list as of SHOOTOUT! racers and their best times so far:

Men Outlaws:

1. Jimmy “The Sheriff’ Feigen :18.8
2. Matt “The Gunslinger” Grevers :18.8
3. Josh “Beat the Snot Out of You” Schnieder :18.9
4. Bruno “The Widow Maker” Fratus :19.2
5. Stephen “Cut Throat” Culberson :20.2

Josh Schneider, SwimMAC, coached by David Marsh (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)

Josh Schneider, SwimMAC, coached by David Marsh (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)

6. Dax “Take it the Max” Hill :19.2
7. Adam “The Bruiser” Brown :18.7
8. Karl “The Krusher” Krug :19.3
9. Caleb “Don’t Look at Me” Weir :19.3
10. Josh “Silent But Deadly” Davis :19.7
11. Marcelo “Don’t Make Fun of My Bikini” Chierighini :19.0
12. David “The Hair” Walters :19.0
13. Ian “Release the Cracken” Crocker :19.1

Women Outlaws:

1. Lara “The JackHammer”Jackson :21.3
2. Amanda “Reach For the Sky” Weir :21.7
3. Annie “Gonna Getcha” Grevers :22.8
4. Karlee “The Butcher” Bispo :22.1
5. Megan “Out for Revenge” Romano :21.9
6. Nina “Never Give In” Rangelova :22.5
7. Arianna “V is for Vendetta” Vanderpool-Wallace :21.4

Tentative Schedule:

Fri. Oct 31st
7:30-9pm Halloween Costume Dinner Party
Sat. Nov 1st
9am to 12:25pm is the BATTLE FOR THE CROWN High School Invite and SHOOTOUT!

SHOOTOUT! Schedule:

fastest man in texas, logo10:45am 1st round of 50’s. All racers advance
11:30pm 2nd round 50’s. Only 16 racers advance
12:20pm 3rd and final round. Consolation races first, then top 8 race for the $!
12:30pm present check to winners…$5000 for 1st, $2000 for 2nd, $500 for 3rd
2-3:30pm Tex-Mex dinner w/ Sponsors and VIP’s

SHOOTOUT! is open to all USS registered members who are under :20.99 for the men and :23.99 for the women. Limit is 24 racers for men and 24 racers for women. For info contact: [email protected] 

BATTLE FOR THE CROWN is open to all parochial and private schools in Texas. For more info contact: [email protected] 

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lane o
6 years ago

that picture of Schnieder… He’s huge.
Does this mean Ian Crocker is coming out of retirement? I think he’s in the drug testing pool. And David Walters?

Reply to  lane o
6 years ago

Note Josh Davis is in it too. I think those guys are just in the drug testing pool for masters competitions. Since it’s in their backyard, and for a good cause, they might as well race 50 yards. Don’t expect any breakout performances from the retired Longhorns, though.

bobo gigi
6 years ago

I think Bruno “The Widow Maker” Fratus and Arianna “V is for Vendetta” Vanderpool-Wallace will win.

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

I would bet in Arianna, but Fratus?I would be really surprised with Fratus winning in 50yards.His short course was never great to see(bad turns).Maybe Hawke changed that.

6 years ago

I love the names