Dynamo 13-14 Girls Break 4×200 Free Relay NAG Record In Atlanta

The girls of Dynamo Swim Club broke the 13-14 National Age Group (NAG) record in the 4×200 meter free relay Friday night in a time trial.

The swim took place during a time trial session mid-day at the 2016 Georgia 14 & Under Championships in Atlanta, GA. Tristen Ulett, Jade Foelski, Abby Grottle and Addie Farrington went 8:25.54 to take a whopping 3.8 seconds off the previous NAG record set back in 2013.

Ulett, one of the youngest Olympic Trials qualifiers in the nation, led the way with a 2:03.76 leadoff leg that would place her just inside the top 50 swims in American history for the 13-14 age group individually. It’s also a drop of about two and a half seconds from her previous best, a 2:06.37 from this same meet last summer.

The old record was set by Nation’s Capital Swim Club in 2013. Here’s a splits comparison of the two relays:

Dynamo 2016 NCAP 2013
Tristen Ulett 2:03.76 Cassidy Bayer 2:06.26
Jade Foelske 2:08.02 Megan Byrnes 2:07.72
Abby Grottle 2:08.30 Lea Gwennap 2:07.59
Addie Farrington 2:05.46 Emily Meilus 2:07.81
8:25.54 8:29.38

This is technically a take-back of the record, as Dynamo’s 2009 team held the record before NCAP broke it in 2013.

All four Dynamo girls are 14 years old. Ulett was one of the youngest swimmers at Trials at age 13, but just aged up to 14 in the past week.

Full meet results are available on Meet Mobile.

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