Drills with Paddles: 5 Days of Swim Training Sets

Swim Training courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner. Featured image: Anthony Ervin.

FINIS, instinct paddlesFor coaches and swimmers looking to improve timing and strength in the water, single arm drilling is a simple solution. Incorporating a single arm drill into each practice allows for technique-based drilling without sacrificing too much time on intervals. To further enhance single arm drilling, include the Instinct Sculling Paddles into the set. The Instinct Paddles reinforce the correct palm-positive hand position while sculling or drilling in all four strokes.

This week, complete the following sets with the Instinct Paddles to build comfort and familiarity with single arm drilling:

DAY 1 (3 Rounds)
4 x 25 Scull with Butterfly Kick
6 x 25 Single Arm Butterfly

4 x 25 Side Flutter Kick
4 x 75 Backstroke (25 right arm only, 25 left arm only, 25 full stroke)

DAY 3 (2 rounds)
2 x 50 Scull with Breaststroke Kick
6 x 25 Single Arm Breaststroke
Click here for more breaststroke drills and tips from FINIS Ambassador and athlete Merle Liivand.

6 x 25 Scull with Flutter Kick
6 x 100 Freestyle (25 right arm only, 25 full stroke, 25 left arm only, 25 full stroke)

DAY 5 (2 Rounds)
8 x 25 Scull (2 x 25 butterfly kick, 2 x 25 flutter kick, 2 x 25 breaststroke kick, 2 x 25 flutter kick)
8 x 25 Single Arm Stroke IM Order


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