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Olympic champion, world champion and world record holder Lilly King was on fire in May. She dropped the number one times in the world in both the 50m and 100m breast at the Bloomington Pro Swim. In Indianapolis at the FINA Champions Series, in front of a home crowd, Lilly beat Russian rival Yulia Efimova not once, not twice, but 3 times in all 3 breaststroke distances, registering a lifetime best in the 200.

Is there still beef with Yulia?  Watch the video, but it sounds like in Lilly’s opinion, that was media-hype and it’s over now.

In King’s spring GMM video (see video below), she was straightforward about 2019 World Championships in South Korea. She wants to sweep the breaststroke events, and she wants to see 1:03 on the board in the 100m breast. Her personal best is 1:04.13 from the 2017 World Championships in Budapest. I think she’ll dip under 1:04. I see her going 1:03.7.


King sweeps the 50 and 100 breaststroke in world record pace.  Lilly wins the 200 breast, but she’s shy of the world record. Lilly picks up a third world record in the 4×100 medley relay.

What do you think? 

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Jabroni Pepperoni

Mel gives out WR predictions like Oprah

Mr Piano

And the only time he’s been right at a prediction was when Phelps went 50.4 in the 100 fly and 1:54.75 in the 2 IM at 2015 Nats

Ol’ Longhorn

Mel’s the best hype man since Flava Flave.


I think he predicted Simone’s gold with a 52.2 in 2017


And it’s great. Why not guess a WR. What’s the worst thing that will happen? That you end up being wrong? Pssh. That doesn’t change anything. I’ve been wrong about most things my entire life.


That’s the thing about being the world record holder – all you have to do to break the WR is improve.


Mel’s predictions aren’t unrealistic, they’re hopeful. This is something which I personally really appreciate. The general rule of his predictions is that they are done under the assumption that the swimmer will work hard/ carry on positive momentum/ show up mentally. Obviously most of the time this doesn’t happen e.g Schooling in 2017 (took part of the season off and wasn’t as motivated), Dwyer in 2013 (didn’t gel with Bowman) or Cullen Jones 2013/2014 (focused on charity work rather than swimming for most of the quad) and so Mel’s predictions don’t work out. But when they do work out, such as Simone in 2017 or MP in 2015, it’s the most brilliant thing. Ultimately Mel’s predictions are the same predictions… Read more »


Don’t encourage her #Bully


u got something against the best Us breaststroker since Rebecca Soni ( 50 & 100 so far ) ? present your arguments please ….


Na , he got no arguments at all …like all trolls


I’m sure NBC will hype up the rivalry in Tokyo.


I think this type of storyline really drives the Olympic viewership for the masses, King (and her team/agent/managers) would be smart to swerve into it (to a limit, of course).

Not many people at XYZ bar in America may care about the women’s 100/200 breast in Tokyo in the moment, but if it’s “one of US vs. one of them” that’s a whole different ballgame for interest and engagement.

Bird and Magic were friends but wanted to kill each other on the court. They saved basketball in the 80s


Bird , Magic and Mighty Michael Jordan saved basketball in the 80’s& 90″s …sorry , i just corrected the truth on that one ….


the nba was in a lot of trouble around 1980, bird and magic saved it

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