DII University of Tampa brings in whopping 37-person class for 2014-2015

The following is a press release courtesy of the University of Tampa:

The University of Tampa Men’s and Women’s swimming programs will bring in a great class of 37 new student-athletes (16 men/21 women) for the 2014-2015 season.

“We’re delighted to bring in an exceptional class of well-rounded student-athletes to the University of Tampa. We pride ourselves on being an academically and athletically sound program, while being competitive at the national level as well as in the strongest swimming conference in Division II, and this group exemplifies that philosophy. My staff and I are looking forward to a successful season both in the classroom and in the pool.” – Ed Brennan, Head Coach.

The Lady Spartans will look to continue the tradition of Sunshine State Conference excellence after winning their 3rd conference title in 4 years, and look to improve on their 21st place finish at the 2014 NCAA Championships. Allison Chandler (Swim Atlanta/Duluth, GA) highlights the class, bringing a wide skillset that will help both individual and relay depth at the conference and national level. Elizabeth Penrod (Boilermaker Aquatics/Lafayette, IN) and transfer Irene Lopez Llorente (Eastern Michigan University/Leon, Spain) will help improve the breaststroke corps, while the trio of Noel Styer (Ocean City C-cerpants/Longport, NJ), Sophie Long (Royal Wolverhampton School/Grimsby, United Kingdom), and Brittany Bayes (Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club/Mullica Hill, NJ) will help lock down every freestyle distance for years to come.

The men’s program looks to build on its 9th place finish at the 2014 NCAA Championships (the highest finish for the men’s program since 2009) and 2nd place finish at the Sunshine State Conference. Wayne Denswil (Metro Aquatic Club of Miami/Miami, FL) will bring an immediate impact to the breaststroke and already strong sprint freestyle corps. Transfer Clayton Clemens (University of Delaware/Furlong, PA) looks to add extra depth to the breaststrokes, while Victor Philaire (S.U.AGEN/Bajamont, France) will enter his freshman year with some of the top converted times in the conference. Meanwhile, the trio of Alberto Orejuela (Great Wolf Swim Team/Minneapolis, MN), Tommy Reminger (Wheaton Swim Club/Wheaton, IL), and Josh Smith (Swim Atlanta/Kennesaw, GA) will help to bolster the distance freestyle group.

The University of Tampa begins its 2014-2015 swimming campaign at home against Sunshine State Conference rival Florida Southern on Oct 17th at 7pm under the lights as part of the school’s homecoming weekend festivities.

Kimberly Barrows (Swim Atlanta/Roswell, GA)
18:05.10 (1650Fr), 4:44.08 (400IM), 10:54.77 (1000Fr)

Brittany Bayes (Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club/Mullica Hill, NJ)
17:12.61 (1650Fr), 10:23.39 (1000Fr), 5:01.75 (500Fr)

Catherine Bayes (Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club/Mullica Hill, NJ)
25.10 (50Fr), 54.52 (100Fr), 2:13.55 (200Bk)

Allison Chandler (Swim Atlanta/Duluth, GA)
2:01.29 (200Bk), 57.41 (100Bk), 57.51 (100Fly)

Isabelle Corgel (Ithaca Aquatics Club/Ithaca, NY)
2:08.98 (200Bk), 59.85 (100Bk), 18.56.84 (1650Fr)

Hannah Dari (Phoenix Aquatic Club/Pomona, NY)
1:56.41 (200Fr), 2:09.33 (200Bk), 1:00.74 (100Bk)

Paige Dunham (YMCA of Burlington County and Camden County/Haddonfield, NJ)
59.03 (100Fly), 2:13.90 (200Fly), 2:13.25 (200Bk)

Page Fox (Fox Swim Club/Frederick, MD)
25.01 (50Fr), 54.81 (100Fr), 1:10.14 (100Br)

Emma Hutchings (Badger Swim Club/Bronxville, NY)
17:57.63 (1650Fr), 10:46.45 (1000Fr), 5:09.03 (500Fr)

Courtney Kamin (Patriot Aquatic Club/Buffalo Grove, IL)
24.46 (50Fr), 53.05 (100Fr), 1:58.89 (200Fr)

Abbey Lassley (Wichita Aqua Shocks/Wichita, KS)
58.17 (100Bk), 58.77 (100Fly), 2:10.46 (200IM)

Irene Lopez Llorente (Eastern Michigan University/Leon, Spain)
2:19.08 (200Br), 1:05.15 (100Br), 2:11.18 (200IM)

Sophie Long (Royal Wolverhampton School/Grimsby, United Kingdom)
2:07.39 (200Fr, LCM), 4:31.15 (400Fr, LCM), 1:04.07 (100Fly, LCM)

Courtney Markle (Quicksilver Swimming/San Jose, CA)
25.09 (50Fr), 53.32 (100Fr), 1:01.24 (100Fly)

Chelsea Miller (West Florida Lightning Aquatics/Largo, FL)
59.49 (100Bk), 53.88 (100Fr), 2:10.30 (200Bk)

Amanda Nielsen-Fernandes (Kungalvs Simsällskap /Nol, Sweden)
27.51 (50Fr, LCM), 59.77 (100Fr, SCM)

Elizabeth Penrod (Boilermaker Aquatics/Lafayette, IN)
1:04.10 (100Br), 2:21.43 (200Br), 2:09.95 (200IM)

Jacqueline Russolillo (North Andover YMCA/Georgetown, MA)
24.68 (50Fr), 58.66 (100Fly), 54.91 (100Fr)

Emelie Stenhammar (Skövde Simsällskap/Lidkoping, Sweden)
1:03.99 (100Bk, LCM), 2:26.87 (200Bk, LCM), 1:00.65 (100Fr, LCM)

Noel Styer (Ocean City C-cerpants/Longport, NJ)
23.54 (50Fr), 52.43 (100Fr)

Charissa Venice (Phoenix Aquatic Club/Park Ridge, NJ)
2:10.35 (200Fly), 4:45.74 (400IM), 1:00.77 (100Fly)


Jack Cassidy (Team Sopris Swimming/Eagle, CO)
4:10.03 (400IM), 9:51.61 (1000Fr), 16:29.69 (1650Fr)

Clayton Clemens (University of Delaware/Furlong, PA)
2:05.57 (200Br), 57.86 (100Br), 49.34 (100Fr)

Kevin Cooney (Swim Atlanta/Johns Creek, GA)
22.50 (50Fr), 48.63 (100Fr), 1:58.53 (200Bk)

Eoghan Daly (Crimson Aquatics/Sharon, MA)
1:55.80 (200Bk), 54.75 (100Bk), 54.54 (100Fly)

Wayne Denswil (Metro Aquatic Club of Miami/Miami, FL)
56.36 (100Br), 1:52.47 (200IM), 21.26 (50Fr)

Daniel Diab (Beirut, Lebanon)
23.68 (50Fr, SCM), 54.12 (100Fr, SCM), 1:01.25 (100Bk, SCM)

Richard Gullage (Metro Aquatic Club of Miami/Miami, FL)
1:55.58 (200Bk), 53.09 (100Bk), 53.14 (100Fly)

Matthew Lehan (Golden Ram Aquatics/West Chester, PA)
21.90 (50Fr), 48.08 (100Fr), 53.80 (100Bk)

Wesley Lind (Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club/Tallahassee, FL)
4:11.40 (400IM), 2:09.60 (200Br), 1:00.29 (100Br)

Manuel Lopez (Metro Aquatic Club of Miami/Miami, FL)
58.70 (100Br), 1:57.52 (200IM), 2:08.92 (200Br)

Alberto Orejuela (Great Wolf Swim Team/Minneapolis, MN)
4:40.95 (500Fr), 9:46.45 (1000Fr), 1:55.45 (200Fly)

Victor Philaire (S.U.AGEN/Bajamont, France)
2:04.17 (200Fly, LCM), 56.84 (100Fly, LCM), 2:12.01 (200IM, LCM)

Tommy Reminger (Wheaton Swim Club/Wheaton, IL)
4:39.51 (500Fr), 1:45.94 (200Fr), 1:56.54 (200Fly)

Josh Smith (Swim Atlanta/Kennesaw, GA)
16:21.06 (1650Fr), 9:46.32 (1000Fr), 4:10.00 (400IM)

Edward Williams (Hillingdon Swimming Club/Gerrards Cross, United Kingdom)
2:13.24 (200IM, LCM), 1:08.00 (100Br, LCM), 2:31.60 (200Br, LCM)

Logan Winchester (Reading YMCA/Reading, PA)
4:50.69 (500Fr), 1:47.90 (200Fr), 2:01.30 (200Fly)

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