Destin Lasco gets NAG in 200 yard back at MA Junior Olympics

12-year-old backstroker Destin Lasco has taken down another National Age Group record, this time wiping Ryan Murphy‘s name off the record books at the Middle Atlantic Junior Olympics meet in Sewell, New Jersey.

Lasco dropped a 1:53.42, a lifetime-best by two and a half seconds, to knock off Murphy’s old record of 1:55.21.

Swimming for Pleasantville Aquatics, Lasco now owns all two of the three 11-12 backstroke NAGs, having broken the 50 and 100 distances most recently in January. The 100 was rebroken the same day by Vinny Marciano, so Lasco is still one back record short of owning the stroke in the 11-12 category.

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Hulk is exhausted. So much Smashing. Many much Smashes.



Kids need to slow down – we are killing Hulk!!! Or playing right into his hands…..

Lane Four

1:53 for a 200 yard backstroke and he is only 12? Good lord. These kids are unbelievable.


Destin doesn’t have the 100 back nag. Vinny Marciano does.


Technically Vinny has it yes, but Destin did have it before – correct. Still some time left. Article may need to be revised I agree.


Read the comment more in detail…” The 100 was rebroken the same day by Vinny Marciano, so Lasco is still one back record short of owning the stroke in the 11-12 category.”
By the way…Vinny just rebroke his own record tonight (3/14/14)


That was edited after MCSCswimmer posted the comment.

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