Dear Katrina discusses WR possibility for Katie Ledecky

Dear Katrina,

I really want to drop five seconds in my 400 and ten seconds in my 800 freestyle. Do you think that is possible?

Absolutely! If you believe it is possible, it is. If you believe it is not possible, it likely isn’t. It is amazing how much our beliefs can alter how our body physically is able to respond.

Often, when I work with clients, in whatever their endeavor, the most common issue is not dreaming big enough, or not believing a lofty idea or dream is really possible. Assuming a person is open to seeing what is possible, it also helps to create a thorough plan (that is reviewed on occasion for adjustments) of what you want to do over the time frame you are looking at.

This summer, we have been blessed to watch the youngest Olympian, Katie Ledecky (age 15) swim the 800 meter freestyle. In two years she has gone “from 8:58.86 in 2010 to 8:19.78 at the 2012 trials…that’s a 39 second drop!!!” per Chris Morgan’s article:

A year ago, she didn’t even have the Olympic trial cut in the 800! Now, she is close to the world record! And I believe that she can continue to drop and potentially get that record here in London!

During my years swimming internationally for Team USA, I roomed a few times with friend, Olympian, and 800 freestyle world record holder, Janet Evans. In 1988, she was one of the few to win against the East Germans.

In my interview with National Team Swimmer, Julie Cooper, Julie shared rooming with Janet in 1989 and how Janet thought before breaking the 800 free world record.

From my perspective, a champion creates an amazing life for him/herself. Our minds decide what we want to do and focus on being open to the possibilities (i.e. not just going a certain time, but maybe even faster than what we dared to dream possible).

As the Olympics inspire many people, may Katie and Kate Ziegler (the two American 800 female freestylers) be inspired to bring out their true best as they race in the 800 meter freestyle.

And, may you know that it is okay to dream big, create a plan, and stay committed to the dream.

Keep SHINING! And if you want to learn more about ways to think BIG and take ACTION, check out my book, Be Your Best Without the Stress, below.


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Isn’t her name spelled Ledecky?


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