Davis Tarwater added to US Olympic Team

Davis Tarwater got the call late this morning inviting him to be part of Team USA at the 2012 Olympic Games on the 4×200 free relay. This comes after Michael Phelps’ scratched the individual 200 free this morning. Tarwater finished 7th in the 200 freestyle final with a 1:47.02, and his coach David Marsh cited some of Davis’s previous results (including a 48 second freestyle relay split last summer at nationals) as additional reasons to add him to the roster. This choice will make a lot of swim fans happy, as they’ve seen Davis finish one spot away from qualifying for the Olympic team twice (that 200 free final and the 2008 200 fly final) and two spots away in the 100 fly last night. Marsh now has 4 SwimMac swimmers on the US roster.

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Guess anyone close to making the Olympic team should head to SwimMac so Marsh can talk your way onto he team. Bush League.

Ole 99

I disagree. A lot can happen between now and London. If you have a roster spot to fill, you fill it. Someone could get sick, hurt, etc. Even if he is just a morning swimmer, you want as much depth on the team as possible as insurance.

joel lin

There are a lot of doubles on men’s side. I would like to see 4 fresh guys at nite in the 4×100. Berens is now swimming 200 free prelims same day.

Why not to huge on rest for 4 guys at nite: Phelps, Feigan, Adrian and Jones. Add Scot Robison to the team and go Robison, Lezak, Been and Lochte for prelims.


That’s a good point. The 400 FR is WAY more vulnerable than the 800 FR. Though from Marsh’s argument, maybe Tarwater could be used in prelims of both relays.


Because then you would be cheating Grevers out of a swim he’s earned


Lochte needs more rest than anybody than Phelps, and shouldn’t get to swim it just for a medal anyway; as he didn’t all the way through. Lochte should only swim it if he could be one of the top four and swim only finals, which is questionable. The purpose of selecting swimmers for prelims and finals should be optimizing the chances of the evening relay in finals, not maximizing the number of swimmers who get medals. For the former, I’m in favor of adding as many swimmers to the roster as necessary/possible.

joel lin

Apologies, I typed in Lochte. and not Grevers , who of course earned it. point is the same, US should complete to 26 man roster with one more relay swimmer and.logical one is Robison


Shouldn’t it just be cut and dry? Phelps scratched, precedent was set with KLJ in 2008, Tarwater’s on the team. What does it mean that Marsh was able to talk Tarwater’s way onto the team?


“David Marsh used some of his results from last summer’s nationals (including a 48 second freestyle relay split) as additional reasons to add him to the roster.”


I wish they wouldn’t have done that. With Phelps essentially scratching, it’s the right move no matter what. This would be akin to the 400Fr Relay, in which Phelps didn’t swim the finals, 6 spots were taken, but we all know Phelps will still be on that relay. That’s all that should’ve been said/done in this situation.

Ole 99



Exactly Phil!

I don’t understand all these animosity towards Tarwater.

It’s the RULES.


How can you not be happy for this guy? Can’t hate just cause he caught a break. Congrats Davis! Go get ’em in London.


“This choice will make a lot of swim fans happy, as they’ve seen Davis finish one spot away from qualifying for the Olympic team twice (that 200 free final and the 2008 200 fly final) and two spots away in the 100 fly last night.”

Looks like it didn’t make ole Neptune happy!!
Not sure why. Apparently he thinks Dave Marsh set the whole deal up for Tarwater without Tarwater doing a thing. Funny, when I watched the meet I could have sworn I saw Tarwater actually swim the event and come in 7th. Now he moves up. What’s the problem?

By the way, amazingly, I also saw the other MAC athletes swim their events!


What do past results have to do with the 2012 Olympic Team Trials?

Swim Ma

Congratulations to Davis Tarwater and thank goodness he has a Coach who is willing to stand up for him…He will just make our team in London stronger.

Craig H

Didn’t he also finish 3rd in 2004?

It has to do with the other people being happy for him. It doesn’t have anything to do with how he got on the team this year.. What do you have against him anyways?


It makes me sad to see this kind of attitude. We all have in us moments of brilliance and it’s possible that Davis Tarwater could have his in London. See Ole99.


Two swimmers:

A – John Jones, 7th 200 Free, seeded 40th, coached by Joe Schmo, unknown coach from Idaho
B – Davis Tarwater, 7th 200Free, 3rd in 2008, coached by David Marsh, SwimMac

Does swimmer A make the team?


Based on what happened with Joyce in 2008, yes Swimmer A is selected.

I want to know why David Marsh had to provide supporting facts & figures to whomever selected Tarwater. I thought these were cut and dry selection procedures.


My point exactly! If it was so cut and dried, why were extenuating circumstances needed (Oh, he’ll also help out on the 400 Free Relay if you could please pick him). No coach input was supposedly needed.

Jean Michel

Never mind ! it’s all fine ….


Happy for Davis Tarwater!

Go Davis!!! I’m so happy for you man, you deserve this!

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