Coach David Marsh: Fishing Wisdom For Swimmers and Swim Coaches

SwimMAC CEO/Coach David Marsh shared the message below with his staff, something he does often, always striving to guide and mentor the swimming family. We asked if David would allow us to share it with you. Thankfully he said ok. Enjoy!

Editor Note: I titled this post, but David’s team sent to me as “Marsh Thoughts from a Fishing Trip.”

SwimMAC Coach David Marsh with Eric Knight and Mark Webber

SwimMAC Coach David Marsh with Eric Knight and Mark Webber

From David Marsh

Interesting day of fishing yesterday in Jacksonville after a great ASCA conference.

I grew up in Miami and spent many weekends on our family boat fishing and diving. Times on the boat were the best memories with my dad. He was brilliantly skilled at everything on the ocean. So yesterday, when we headed out from the boat ramp, I was caught by surprise by a little euphoric feeling I was experiencing. The waves, the wind, and the marine fuel smell from the two big 250 Suzuki’s pushing the boat (Don Baker’s “Awesome” boat) spiked the anticipation of catching a boat full of fish. It was the good old days except that instead of being on an 18 foot tri-hull “rec boat” we were on an ocean fishing machine. As we pounded through the waves for an hour and a half to get 44 miles off shore, euphoria leaned toward seasickness and anticipation turned into impatience.

All was well once we dropped the lines in the water. We eventually ended up catching our limit of Sea bass thanks primarily to the knowledge and skill of Captain Ronnie.

Lessons: (reminders)

David Marsh fishing, ASCA 20141. You have to go where the fish are–and if you want better fish, you have to go further.

2. To get to where the big fish are –you may have to endure a lot of pain (and even feelings of seasickness)

3. The proper use of technology can help you reach your goals. (The fishfinder on the boat allowed our captain to put us right on top the spots where there were many fish).

4. Patience required — “That’s why they call it fishing and not catching…” (Even with ideal equipment, bait and dropped hooks in front of them…for the first 2 hours the fish weren’t biting).

5. There’s nothing better than eating cold fried chicken on an all day fishing trip. (Just saying)

6. Be the Triggerfish. (Triggerfish fight harder than Sea bass and much harder than the Grunt. Triggerfish also have much tougher skin, a protective barb, and big sharp teeth–and the most tender meat).

7. Exhaustion in a good cause and with good company (Eric Knight and Mark Webber) is one of the best feelings. (When we arrived back to the dock, I felt like I’d been through an all day workout-oh yea, I did.)

8. Catching fish requires less expertise than cleaning them. It’s not always the showmanship of the bent rod and the selfie with your conquest that ultimately makes the experience complete– it’s the total process. (Fortunately Captain Ronnie was an expert at carving bone free fillets for us-and provided cooking instructions).

–Thank God for the Garmin, Ronnie, and my dad.

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Triggerfish Video – The Barb

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