How to improve hip rotation and efficiency in swimming

by FINIS 0

September 16th, 2014 Masters, Opinion, Training

Swim Training courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner.

True swimming power comes from the hips, which makes the Hydro Hip such an important training tool. With two blades that sit on the hips, the Hydro Hip helps swimmers properly identify timing of the hips, arms and body. The Hydro Hip also improves core strength with resistance by working the muscles that aid in rotation. Best used during drills or short distances, the effects of the Hydro Hip are most felt when removed and the lessons of timing remain.

hydrohip-hero-yellow-hrSwimming Set

Try this set with the Hyrdro Hip:
4 x 50 arm extension drill 6 kicks on each side
4 x 50 arm extension drill 4 kicks on each side
4 x 50 swim
(remove Hydro Hip)
4 x 50 swim descend
1 x 100 swim FAST

Total: 900 yards/meters (for added difficulty, do 2-3 rounds descending the last 100 of each round)

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