Condorelli on Representing Italy – “I haven’t chosen anything yet”


Video courtesy of Guisy Cisale. 

It was reported earlier this month that USC Alum and NCAA Champion Santo Condorelli had started the process of switching to Italian sporting citizenship. SwimSwam caught up with Santo at the Sette Colli Tophy in his new home of Rome, Italy, and while he claimed he hadn’t chosen anything yet, he is enjoying his time in Italy and his new training partners, including Italian sprinter Luca Dotto.

Though he formerly represented Canada internationally and was a member of the USA Swimming National Junior Team, Condorelli has Italian ancestry on his father Joseph’s side, as that side of the family is from Sicily. To establish his change of affiliation, Condorelli will need to reside in Italy for 12 months before his first official representation. He’s already had the required year-long break since he last represented Canada since his last time representing them was in Rio.

The official FINA rule:

“GR 2.6 Any competitor or competition official changing his affiliation from one national governing body to another must have resided in the territory of and been under the jurisdiction of the latter for at least twelve months prior to his first representation for the country.”

Condorelli, whose mother is from Ontario, was one place shy of a medal as he placed 4th in the 100 free at the Rio Olympics. He swam his lifetime bests in the 50 free (21.83), 100 free (47.88), and 100 fly (51.83) at that meet. Santo will be competing in the 50/100 free and the 50 fly in Rome this weekend.

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bear drinks beer

You should’ve chosen something at this point. Only two years till the Olympics.

Bon Jovi

3 if u count leap year


Not a fan of this kid. I cant be the only one that finds this unsportmanlike and disrepectful to continually switch sporting citizenship for personal gains. That and the whole weird middle finger thing he used to do doesnt help his image either.


he also looks kinda insane.. (no offense)
probably just me tho


The middle finger thing helps him I don’t see a harm


You dont think its strange he flicked off everyone?

Casey Botta

He doesn’t flip anyone but his father off! it helps him calm down when he is on the blocks.its a ritual from when he was a younger swimmer that was very jittery.


What is this comment going to help? Lol.

Steve Nolan

Honestly broh, why do you possibly care what country he’s swimming for?

I truly don’t understand why people get so huffy about what other people choose to freely do with their own lives.

Casey Botta

the kid is the greatest and will never disrespect anyone. lets see what happens in 2020


As a sportsman not representing the USA, I can tell you first hand, that sometimes you give blood sweat and tears for a country for little in return. A competitive career of an elite athlete is so short, I think every athlete deserves to represent a country that encourages and supports its athletes. I’m sure that is all he is seeking here. It’s easy to judge in the swimswam comments. He’s just a kid trying to fulfill his dreams.

tammy touchpad error

Santo is a goon but you gotta love him. Let him do his thing. Swimming needs more edginess. I hope this kid pushes the boundaries even more. Get a weed maps sponsorship or a big F bomb on his cap. Lets see what happens!


I would love to see someone with an fbomb cap!!!

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