College Meet Preview 11/19/2015-11/22/2015

This weekend is chock-full of big, hard-hitting invites. Amongst them includes Texas A&M’s Art Adamson Invite. The Aggies will host SMU, TCU, Arizona State, LSU, Utah, Air Force, Stanford, San Diego State, Utah, Boise State, and Nebraska.

Below is a list of the meet’s we’ll be keeping you updated on this weekend. If we’re missing any, please leave it in the comments and we’ll get it added.


Event Date Men Women
Art Adamson Invite (Texas A&M) 11/19-11/21 x x
Nike Cup (UNC) 11/19-11/21 x x
Georgia Tech Invite 11/19-11/21 x x
Purdue Invite 11/19/2015 x x
Northwestern TYR Invite 11/20/2015 x x
Doug Coers Invite (Ball State) 11/20-11/22 x x
Bucknell Invite 11/20-11/22 x x
House of Champions (IUPUI) 11/20-11/22 x
Ohio State University Invite 11/20-11/22 x x
Magnus Cup Invitational (CSU) 11/20-11/22 x
Pittsburgh Invite 11/20-11/22 x
Bison Invitational (Bucknell) 11/20-11/21 x x
The Big Challenge (Kansas 11/20-11/22 x
Frank Elm Invite (Rutgers) 11/20-11/22 x
Houston Invite 11/19-11/21 x
Tennessee Invite 11/20-11/22 x x
Terrier Invite (Boston University) 11/20-11/22 x x
Columbia vs. Harvard 11/20/2015 x x
Princeton vs. Cornell vs. Penn 11/21/2015 x x
North Dakota vs. South Dakota State 11/20/2015 x x
North Dakota vs. South Dakota 11/21/2015 x x
Arizona Wildcat Diving Invite 11/19-11/22 x x
Texas Diving Invite 11/19/2015 x x
Pitt vs. Towson 11/19/2015
Colorado Mesa Invite 11/19-11/21 x x
A3 Invite 11/19-11/21 x x
Harold Anderson Invite 11/19-11/21 x x

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4 years ago

Harold Anderson Invite (Kingston, RI)

rmac swimmer
4 years ago

Colorado Mesa University Invite, 11/19 to 11/21, both women and men.

4 years ago

what about the A3 invite in Los Angeles??

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