City of Long Beach City Council Approves Architects/Engineers for Long Beach Pool

  3 Braden Keith | March 05th, 2014 | College, NCAA Division I Mid-Major, News

Thanks to Lucy Johnson for contributing to this report and providing slides.

Last night the City of Long Beach  was given a presentation by the team of Harley Ellis Devereaux and Hastings+Chivetta and the City Council approved their staff recommendation to enter into association with the group for a $7.8 million engineering and architectural services contract. This means that the wheels can finally begin turning, and details can finally be firmed up, on the new Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool.

Below we’ve included the presentation made to the city council. The presentation was heavily weighted toward work that Hastings+Chivetta has done with Counsilman-Hunsaker in the past, who are also expected to be involved in this project, and highlighted some of the country’s really beautiful competition pools – including very underrated ones like the City of St. Peter’s pool in Missouri, Denison University, and the University of Nevada alongside better known ones like the University of Missouri and the Georgia Tech Olympic pool.

Needless to say, the image played very well with the city, who is looking for an iconic pool to replace the iconic one that they’re losing.

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Sure hope they learned from their mistakes in their design of the Oak Christrian High School pool.

peggy winet

I sure hope they learned from their mistakes with the Mizzou pool. Its air quality is horrible. I mean, HORRIBLE.

Please Long Beach, come up with a masterpiece. The old Belmont Pool was magnificent back in its day. Take the best from the others and do it again!


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