China & Belarus Collaborate On New Aquatic Facility

by Retta Race 9

September 22nd, 2018 Asia, International, News

China and Belarus are partnering up to build a new pool as part of an intergovernmental agreement, Xinhuanet reports. As part of a bigger initiative to collaborate on technical and economic projects between the two nations, including the construction of a National Football Stadium, an International Standard Pool is in future plans.

The entire partnership between China and Belarus circles around the 800 million yuan (116.85 million U.S. dollars) mark in the form of investment projects in Belarus.  In June 2018, the former Belarusian Economy Minister Vladimir Zinovsky signed the intergovernmental agreement on technical and economic aid during his working visit to China(Xinhua)

Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of BelarusMikhail Mysasnikovich, said his nation is ‘grateful to the Chinese leadership, personally President Xi Jinping, and the Chinese people for friendship and support in the international arena and bilateral relationships.’ (Official webiste of the Republic of Belarus)

“We are confident that the highest level of trust and cooperation that President Xi Jinping and President Alexander Lukashenko have developed between our countries will be long-term and efficient, and will expand with new mutually beneficial projects in the interests of the two countries,” Myasnikovich said. (Official website of the Republic of Belarus)

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Belarus, Europe’s last dictatorship. Run by an actual former member of the Soviet Communist Party. A man who voted against Belarusian independence from the Soviet Union. A nation still behind a curtain with a horrendous doping record.

This doesnt reflect well on China.


Belarus isn’t the only European country with strong leaders who will stay in power as long as their health allows.

SUM Ting Wong

Vyeloruss is growing into the main hub of China’s Belt& Rail network . The traffic flow is expected to grow exponentially as Byeloruss links Helsinki to Athens & as a tariff free gateway to the Eurasian countries for business investment .

Dee says Dictator which is funny coming from a land of the unelected monarchy & House of Lords. The future is looking up for Byeloruss & a new pool is most welcome .Chinacan ship components in 17 days direct so expect a quick completion..


I know you’re a parody, but… What political powers has a UK monarch exercised in the last 300 years? What influence has a UK Monarch waged on democratic mechanisms? Zilch. That’s the only reason the UK Monarchy survived; Monarch after Monarch accepted their position as inferior to Parliamentary democracy. As for House of Lords, I am no defender, but what actual power do they have? They cannot block legislation nor can they force it through. They can merely scrutinise, and send legislation back to the ELECETED House of Commons with recommendations. If the Commons rejects ammendments, the Lords can not make further recommendations and the legislation will be passed. Essentially it is an ‘unelected’ scrutiny panel with no executive powers.… Read more »

SUM Ting Wong

Haha. I am using my 25% China DNA to demand a % of reparations for The Opium Wars . Then my 75% English to demand a bit of real estate . I think I might like a castle . & a trip to Abergenny .


Why doesn’t China just build more pools in their own country?

bobo gigi

Maybe they could build the aquatic center in USA to host the world championships one day…. 🙂

SUM Ting Wong

Nope .US trade sanctions against China probably includes pools .


‘Made in China’ mark isn’t necessarily a sign indicating high quality. Following veterinarian advice I don’t buy food for my pets if it was produced in this country.

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