Chalmers On Dressel: “His Skills Are Unbelievable”

With an extra year until the next Summer Olympic Games comes an extra year of hype, excitement, and build-up for what races may come to pass when Tokyo finally rolls around July 2021.

We reported last month how our once speculative idea of a 100m fly battle between American Caeleb Dressel and Aussie Kyle Chalmers may actually come to pass, as the latter is adding his rapidly-improving event to his Olympic Trials lineup.

“The butterfly was my event growing up, it’s sort of just faded away as I got better at freestyle. I’m working hard at it now and I want to be able to do it on the big stage,” is what 100m freestyle Olympic champion Chalmers said mid-April about his new goal. You can read more about this endeavor here.

But getting to the point where Chalmers can start rivaling his best times is only now starting to take shape. South Australia is just now allowing athletes to get back to organized training, with the 21-year-old just now able to train in small groups. He’s pairing ‘big pool’ time with training in his shipping container pool situated in his own backyard. You can read more about that set-up here.

Of his home-based pool, Chalmers told The Olympic Channel, “Essentially it’s just a six meter by two and a half meter wide swimming pool. It’s above ground and it’s got a big jet that I swim against.

“I don’t want to lose my feel for the water and this was the best option. The pool will be in my backyard until the Olympic Games in 2021, so I’m very, very fortunate to have that opportunity as well.”

Going back to Dressel, Chalmers points to the American sprinter’s success as extra motivation for himself heading into the next year.

“It motivates me massively, but I also see Caleb as such a good friend of mine now. Even through this period we’ve spoken, and he even invited me over to train with him because he’s been able to train right through. There’s not one thing he does that you can possibly dislike.

“His skills are unbelievable. He’s got the better start, and probably the best turns the world’s ever seen. Whereas my skills aren’t overly great. We swim it differently. But you know, that last five meters is where the dog fight is, and that’s that’s the part of the race I love. I just want to get my hand on the wall first.”

Catch more of Chalmer’s thoughts in the interview here.

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1 year ago

Total class (he and Caeleb)

1 year ago

Kyle training with Troy would be other worldly. Fingers crossed, maybe after the games he’d like a Florida vacation

1 year ago

Chalmers as an underdog is a terrifying prospect (if only a slight underdog)

1 year ago

Almost happened at WCs last year. Chalmers was second with a 47.0

1 year ago

Him and Dressel seem quite similar guys out of the pool as well. Great to see a rivalry built on deep respect.

1 year ago

I think the extra year benefits Kyle more (100free) can see him out touching dressel on last stroke. He’s improved his skills now to a standard he doesn’t get destroyed. Rooting for dressel though he’s been the man the whole last cycle, winning 100free would cement his place amongst the greats.
Dressel wins fly, chalmers scrapes a bronze swimming 50 mid.

Sir Swimsalot
1 year ago

This is so cool to see. Rivals, but friends at the end of the day with respect fir eachother’s abilities. Dressed said earlier he thinks Chalmers is a better swimmer

1 year ago

What strikes me the most is that he loves Australian football more than swimming. Yet he won an Olympic gold in the latter.

M d e
Reply to  Luigi
1 year ago

Not that unusual, most Australians have grown up following a preferred spectator sport. Especially the males (AFL or NRL pending on location).

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