Ryan Lochte Eliminated From Celebrity Big Brother

by Spencer Penland 22

January 28th, 2019 News


  • January 21 – February 13, 2019
  • Channel: CBS
  • Start Time: 8 PM ET (Sunday, January 27th will be at 10)
  • Primer / Full Cast

Tonight is eviction night, and that means somebody will be going home tonight. In the last episode, Ryan Lochte was unable to compete for HoH, since he was the reigning HoH, which leaves him vulnerable to eviction. He narrowly missed being Nominated by kato, but Kato hinted (really he just said it) that Ryan will be going on the block if one of the nominees is vetoed. That being said, tonight  could be the end of the line for the 12-time Olympic medalist.

Live Updates

  • Tonight there will be a challenge for the Power of Veto tonight, and then a live eviction
  • Kato has now confirmed multiple times that Ryan Lochte is his real target this week
  • There is a real plan in action to back door Ryan this week
  • Ryan overheard the new alliance planning to get rid of him this week
  • “I’m screwed” – Ryan Lochte
  • Ryan does not get picked to be in the veto competition, leaving his fate up to Joey
  • Lochte is trying to quietly cheer for Joey, who is going last in this competition
  • Joey is out of the veto competition. This looks extremely bad for Ryan Lochte
  • Tom, who is in the anti-Lochte alliance, won the power of veto. Looks like Lochte will be going on the block-tee tonight after all
  • Kato names Ryan Lochte to go to the block. Not going to lie, he’s very likely to be voted off
  • Lochte’s appeal to not be voted off was that he’s won 5 Olympic relay medals… might be a stretch but he’s desperate
  • Ryan Lochte has been evicted
  • With Ryan Lochte evicted, our coverage of this show is over. It was fun while it lasted.


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4 years ago

Jeez. Thanks for the spoiler in the headline.

Reply to  MY MOM!
4 years ago

Really. I didn’t know he was a celebrity either.

Suzanne Mayweather
4 years ago

That is sad

4 years ago

Let us not speak of this again.

4 years ago

Ryan made the show and honestly I really don’t think I will watch it. It shows what a loyal friend he was to Loyla and she looks like a jerk for kicking him out!

IU Swammer
4 years ago

These live updates really have been fun. I’m sad it’s over and glad it happened.

Mark Rauterkus
4 years ago

I think he makes a return for the final show of the season, as they bring back all the players. More to come.

Seemed as if he made some new friends and had a fun time with the game. Could have been way worse. Could have been better. Nice attitude displayed, IMHO.

4 years ago

Congrats to Lochte on the easy $100k, and refreshing to see him get media exposure that doesn’t involve scandal. Didn’t watch, but from the comments, it sounds like he was one of the less cringey contestants.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  sven
4 years ago

Not a high bar to pass on the less cringey thing.

4 years ago

I don’t have TV 🙏