CCSA Has to Re-Swim 4 Men’s 50 Free Heats after Timing System Error

Coastal Collegiate Swimming Association (CCSA) – Men and Women

The Coastal Collegiate Sports Association (CCSA), a conference that serves the needs of both swimming & diving and beach volleyball schools that have been orphaned from their primary conferences, had a timing malfunction on Thursday morning during the first preliminary session at the 2019 championship meet.

The meet was stopped after 4 heats of the men’s 50 freestyles, because of an issue with the timing system. After about a 45 minute delay, it was determined that the timing system had malfunctioned, and that those 4 heats would have to be reswum. The meet resumed almost an hour after it stopped. While we don’t know what the original times were, of the 16 finalists in the race, 12 swam season best times (including the top 10 finishers in prelims).

This isn’t the first issue that the meet’s hosts, Liberty University, have had with the timing system at their new pool. At the 2018 ISCA Jr. National Cup, the Daktronics system was miswired according to meet hosts and the manufacturer, resulting in an across-the-board adjustment of .39 seconds from the impacted sessions. Before the miswiring was discovered, Liberty had hosted an NCAA Last Chance Meet, where 5 swimmers earned NCAA qualifying times, which could have been the result of those timing errors. At that same meet, all men’s results were disqualified after the NCAA interpreted the men’s half of the meet to be ‘not bona fied’ because only 1 men’s team, East Carolina, was present.

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Dr Fisch
2 years ago

Likely to be this first of many reports from the 2019 Liberty Invite.

2 years ago

Here we go again.

2 years ago

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Color me surprised.

2 years ago

Well that seems to be a big problem…

2 years ago

Liberty University having some major timing system isssues since its new pool opened. Good grief

2 years ago

Why are they allowed to keep having meets there since the timing system isn’t being fixed apparently…

Reply to  Hswimmer
2 years ago

Cough money cough

I just wanna know relay splits
2 years ago

Anyone watching the live stream of these heats could relate, but this is not fair to the swimmers. Two swimmers from Howard U touched and turned to see 20.5 and 20.6 on the board and both went nuts with excitement. I can’t imagine how it must have felt to be told they actually went 21.4 and 21.5… then be told they have to swim it again. Not a good look.

Mary McCluskey
Reply to  I just wanna know relay splits
2 years ago

My son was one of those swimmers. I think it was a poor decision to make them swim it again one hour after they had just swum their hardest. They are not going to swim their best. We have timers for situations like this. The backup times should have been used. If you’re going to make them reswim it, it should have been the next day so they could get their heads back into it.

2 years ago

Not sure why the re-swim. Go to the secondary system data (buttons). If that failed, then go to the tertiary system data (watches). In either case, I believe the entire event would need to be recalculated and utilize that method of data. A little time consuming, but not a hard process.

Quite often if the primary fails in multiple lanes, then the secondary will fail as well.This makes the tertiary system so important – ESPECIALLY AT A CHAMPIONSHIP MEET. Three watches needed per lane. I’m guessing the meet host, and the conference did not insist on this degree of staffing if the re-swim is required?

Coach & Meet/Admin Ref
Reply to  Greg
2 years ago

There were timers fully staffed in all lanes, however in an event which can have a mere second (or less) difference between 1st and 16th I’d want to make sure everyone had the most accurate times possible. With human error on both the start and finish of a tertiary system it would not be fair to the swimmers to depend on the watch times – regardless of the fact that it is a recognized and acceptable timing back up. I am a spectator only at this meet, but they held meetings with coaches twice (part of the delay) to discuss the best way to move forward and the re-swim was the decision. It’s within the right of the meet ref… Read more »

Reply to  Coach & Meet/Admin Ref
2 years ago

Fair enough and valid points. So what caused the malfunction?

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