Cate Campbell Swims 23.84 in Final, Moves to #2 All-Time


Australia’s Cate Campbell had one more explosive sprint moment in her at the 2016 Australian Olympic Trials before the meet waned into the night on Thursday.

She swam a 23.84 to win the 50 free final and re-break her Australian, Oceanic, and Commonwealth Records of 23.93 set in the semi-finals on Wednesday.

The time also jumped Campbell up to 2nd-place on the all-time list, with the only hurdle remaining being the World Record of Germany’s Britta Steffen.

Top 11 swims of all-time:

  • 1. – Britta Steffen, Germany, 2009 – 23.73
  • 2 – Cate Campbell, Australia, 2016 – 23.84
  • 3 – Therese Alshammar, Sweden, 2009 – 23.88
  • 4 – Cate Campbell, Australia, 2016 – 23.93
  • T5 – Fran Halsall, Great Britain, 2014 – 23.96
  • T5 – Marleen Veldhuis, Netherlands, 2009 – 23.96
  • T5 – Cate Campbell, Austalia, 2014 – 23.96
  • 8 – Libby Trickett, Australia, 2008 – 23.97
  • 9 – Sarah Sjostrom, Sweden, 2014 – 23.98
  • T10 – Cate Campbell, Australia, 2009 – 23.99
  • T10 – Marleen Veldhuis, Netherlands, 2009 – 23.99

Cate’s sister Bronte finished 2nd in 24.24, and their teammate Shayna Jack finished 3rd in 24.95. All three train at Simon Cusack’s Commercial Swimming Club in Brisbane.

At last year’s Championship, Bronte won this 50 in 24.19, and despite a minor injury scare earlier in the week, Cate has recovered this year to win the 50/100 sprint double.

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6 years ago

How tall are the sisters? They look massive in height. 6ft 3ish?

Aussie Oy
Reply to  Bob
6 years ago

I am stealing from info provided by OntarioSwimming in another article who is suddenly very quiet (I wonder if s/he is censored/banned by SwimSwam)
Cate Campbell is 6’1″, shorter than Missy Franklin
Bronte Campbell is 5’10”, shorter than Simone Manuel

They look bigger because the rest of Aussie sprinters are not tall

Victor P
Reply to  Aussie Oy
6 years ago

Quick search:

Cate Campbell: 1.86m
Missy Franklin: 1.85m
Simone Manuel: 1.80m
Bronte Campbell: 1.79m

Aussie Oy
Reply to  Victor P
6 years ago

Quick and Accurate search:

Missy Franklin: 6’2″
Cate Campbell 6’1″
Simone Manuel 5’11”
Bronte Campbell 5’10”

Aussie Oy
Reply to  Aussie Oy
6 years ago

My comment is awaiting moderation?

Aussie Oy
Reply to  Aussie Oy
6 years ago

Ah ok Thanks!

London Calling
6 years ago

For a bit of perspectives, BOTH of the current 50 free world champion and Olympics champion (bronte and ranomi) have never even broken into 23, let alone way under 24 like what Cate did.

Rubbersuit WRs truly obscure grand magnificent swims like Cate’s 24.84 which deserve more recognition.

6 years ago

Well, here’s hoping that the Campbell sisters can win some Golds at the Olympics and wipe away the ‘super suit’ records.

6 years ago

Well, hears hoping that the Campbell sisters can win some Golds at the Olympics and wipe away the ‘super suit’ records.

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