Canadian Trials, US Meets, and Paris Podium Predictions | SWIMSWAM BREAKDOWN

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss the Canadian Olympic Trials, the Mid-May flurry of meets in the US, and if any of the swims this past weekend moved the needle on the Paris Podiums. See full list of topics below:

  • 0:00 SwimSwam Breakdown Introduction
  • 1:20 Canadian Trials
  • 18:10 US May Meets
  • 30:26 Who is a Lock for the US Olympic Team?


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29 days ago
Reply to  ooo
29 days ago

And Mary Fowler!

Reply to  Sub13
29 days ago

Let’s talk about swimming!

29 days ago

Glad to see the commenting revolt against the unjust exclusion of Kate Douglass!! The whole time I was watching that segment, I was waiting for someone to mention KD because it’s, like, so obvious.

Last edited 29 days ago by moonlight
Summer in Paris
29 days ago

Penny is making Olympic A cut – swim

29 days ago

A bit early to be making podium predictions with any accuracy until all of the main swimming trials are done. The Aussie trials, for example, are still several weeks away.

Last edited 29 days ago by NotHimAgain
Reply to  NotHimAgain
29 days ago

SwimSwam hasn’t even started the Olympic Team Trials predictions.

29 days ago

Australia to win five relays.

Just Keep Swimming
Reply to  peter
29 days ago

Lol which 5?

Women’s freestyle are both likely. Women’s medley and mixed medley and men’s 4×100 are unlikely but plausible. The others are not going to happen.

Reply to  peter
29 days ago

Love to know what you’re smoking because the more accurate call would be medal in 5 relays.

Reasonable enough bet they win both women’s free relays but they’d need to have massive meet momentum/US to have a very bad leg to win 4XMED.

MMR seems to always find the podium but breaststroke weakness makes gold problematic

M4X100 has some chance of gold but hard to see them as favourites in what is likely to be a cut-throat race.

M4X200 could sneak bronze but may just as easily miss the podium. M4XMED = usually sunk by halfway due to poor front half that even Chalmers can’t salvage.

Reply to  peter
29 days ago


Last edited 29 days ago by bubbles
29 days ago

Tier “B**ch please, I already made the damn team” – Katie Grimes

Reply to  Willswim
29 days ago

Ditto, Mariah Denigan.

Miss M
29 days ago

I was surprised that Kate Douglass didn’t event make your Tier 2.5! Very hard to see her missing a place in the 200 breast (surely a bad swim for her sees her in 2nd, under the OQT), and finishing worse than 6th in the 100 free would also be a major surprise. And that’s without the 200IM, that most of you have been tipping her to win in Paris!

Southerly Buster
Reply to  Miss M
29 days ago

I agree. During the ‘Who is a Lock’ segment I was waiting patiently sure that someone would mention Kate Douglass. Can’t believe they overlooked or forgot about her.

29 days ago

Kate Douglas and the 200 Breast is feeling a little tier 2 to me.

Viking Steve
Reply to  SwimDad64
28 days ago

KD always underestimated, but that’s ok because I think she feeds off it!

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