Canada, Russia Stand Out at FINA/CNSG DWS 2018 Ultimate Leg

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May 07th, 2018 Diving, News

Courtesy: FINA

Divers from Canada and Russia collected one and two gold medals respectively this weekend in Kazan, Russia, the host city of the FINA/CNSG Diving World Series 2018 very last leg, while all other gold up for grabs were pocketed by Team China.

Russia’s Aleksandr Bondar and Viktor Minibaev clinched gold in the men’s platform synchro event with 432.72. Ukraine’s Maksym Dolgov and Oleksandr Gprshkovozov secured silver with 414.09 and Timo Barthel / Florian Fandler of Germany placed third with 345.36.

Cao Yuan and Xie Siyi of China dominated the 3m synchro and hit their fourth title (457.98) in this event since the beginning of the 2018 Series. Russian Evgeny Kuznetsov and Ilia Zakharov were a worthy opponent-duo and took silver (414.09), also after ranking second in the three previous legs.

China’s Xie Siyi and Yang Jian were the best in the men’s 3m and 10m, respectively collecting 536.60 and 581.60 points.

In the women’s finals, Shi Tingmao and Ren Qian did not disappoint and won the 3m and 10m gold medals at stake- Tingmao got 374.35 points, while teammate Wang Han placed second with 355.05 and Jennifer Abel of Canada completed the podium with 338.55.

Ren pocketed 389.10 points, which left DPR Korea’s Kim Mi Rae second with 362.35 and Melissa Wu (AUS, 351.80) third.

Both women’s synchronised events were topped by China. Duo Shi Tingmao/Chang Yani won the 3m with 316.20, while Lin Shan/Si Yajie took the 10m victory with 324.24.

Canada’s Jennifer Abel and Francois Imbeau-Dulac took their second mixed 3m gold of the 2018 season with 324.96 points, while Russia’s Iuliia Timoshinina and Nikita Shleikher were victorious in the mixed 10m with 331.35, for the first time of the competition.

All the Series action can be followed live or on demand on FINAtv and detailed news reports and athletes’ quotes are available on FINA website.

Medallists in Kazan (RUS):


3m springboard: 1. XIE Siyi (CHN) 536.60, 2. CAO Yuan (CHN) 531.00, 3. KUZNETSOV Evgenii (RUS) 494.25
10m platform: 1. YANG Jian (CHN) 581.60, 2. BONDAR Aleksandr (RUS) 533.80, 3. AUFFRET Benjamin (FRA) 499.80
3m springboard synchro: 1. CAO Yuan/XIE Siyi (CHN) 457.98, 2. KUZNETSOV Evgenii/ZAKHAROV Ilia (RUS) 437.43, 3. GORSHKOV Oleksandr/KOLODIY Oleg (UKR) 419.82
10m platform synchro: 1. BONDAR Aleksandr/MINIBAEV Viktor (RUS) 432.72, 2. DOLGOV Maksym/GORSHKOVOZOV Oleksandr (UKR) 414.09, 3. BARTHEL Timo/FANDLER Florian (GER) 345.36


3m springboard: 1. SHI Tingmao (CHN) 374.35, 2. WANG Han (CHN) 355.05, 3. ABEL Jennifer (CAN) 338.55
10m platform: 1. REN Qian (CHN) 389.10, 2. KIM Mi Rae (PRK) 362.35, 3. WU Melissa (AUS) 351.80
3m springboard synchro: 1. Shi Tingmao/Chang Yani (CHN) 316.20, 2. ABEL Jennifer/CITRINI BEAULIEU Melissa (CAN) 301.11, 3. REID Grace/TORRANCE Katherine (GBR) 289.29
10m platform synchro: 1. LIN Shan/SI Yajie (CHN) 324.24, 2. KIM Mi Rae/KIM Kuk Hyang (PRK) 320.58, 3. CHEONG Jun Hoong/PAMG Pandelela (MAS) 318.54


3m synchro: 1. ABEL Jennifer/IMBEAU-DULAC Francois (CAN) 324.96, 2. REID Grace/DALEY Thomas (GBR) 317.70, 3. PUNZEL Tina/MASSENBERG Lou (GER) 306.00
10m synchro: 1. TIMOSHININA Iuliia/SHLEIKHER Nikita (RUS) 331.35, 2. KIM Mi Hwa/HYON II Myong (PRK) 330.00, 3. BENFEITO Meaghan/RIENDEAU Vincent (CAN) 306.72

2018 Calendar

1. Beijing (CHN) – March 9-11
2. Fuji (JPN) – March 15-17
3. Montreal (CAN) – April 27-29
4. Kazan (RUS) – May 4-6

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