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September 28th, 2012 News

Following the rousing success of the Call Me Maybe cover by the U.S. Olympic Swim Team (now over 9 million hits on YouTube), the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams have come out with their own version of the hit Carly Rae Jepsen song that might already be the most covered in the history of pop music.

Check out the Canadians’ rendition above, and call them maybe (no country code needed from the US!). This video includes a smattering of Olympians from different sports, but look for the swim team on a float, filmed during a celebratory parade last week. We’ve been able to identify at least one of them as Alexa Komarnycky.

Canadian coach Mike Thompson has assembled this list of all of the aquatics athletes that he could pick out (with an assistant from SwimOntario.

16sec – Brittany MacLean waving to the crowd
18sec – Summer Mortimer in the car with the medals around her neck
33sec – Divers
46sec – Scotty Dickins (black shirt), Tara Van Beilen (left Jean Jacket)
47sec – Brent hayden sticks his bald head in there
54sec – anonymous Synchro girls
1:09 – same shot as 46 seconds but can now see Sam Cheverton beside Van Beilen, Heather Maclean on the far left and Blake Worsely (3rd from the left in the back)
1:20 – Simon Whitfield (triathlete)
2:18 – Benoit Huot
2:31 –  Brent Hayden
3:03 – closing shot is of 1992 Gold medalist in 100BK Mark Tewsbury, Cheif De Mission for the 2012 London Games.

Jepsen revealed in this week’s New York Times Magazine that her favorite covers were the one’s by fellow pop superstar Katy Perry and a version by Cookie Monster called “Cookie, maybe?”

Jepsen posted a video response to the Americans’ video as well:

Here’s the one by the Americans:

And the reigning champions the SwimSwam office: the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, with 12,834,310 views (they’re wearing swimsuits, so that’s still swimming-related, right?)

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