Caeleb Dressel’s Twitter Account Hacked by Crypto Promoters

by Riley Overend 24

September 10th, 2022 News

Cryptocurrency promoters have taken over the Twitter account of another star swimmer. 

A couple weeks after Ryan Lochte’s Twitter account began sharing crypto giveaways with his following of nearly a million fans, Caeleb Dressel’s profile also fell victim to the troubling trend. The pair are former training partners at the University of Florida.

More than 90,000 Twitter users follow @caelebdressel, a “Crypto investor and Gem hunter,” according to the new bio. The profile picture features a crypto bro rocking jorts on a balcony instead of the seven-time Olympic gold medalist from Florida, though the handle has not been changed.

Dressel’s agent confirmed to SwimSwam that he was hacked. The account began tweeting about crypto on Thursday. 

Prior to the change to the account, Dressel had been quiet on Twitter. He was once active on the platform, but at some point well before the crypto activity, he deleted all of his Tweets. He has done the same in the past on other social media platforms, including his Instagram account in 2020.

Meanwhile, Lochte seems to have regained some access to his account. It appeared as if his profile was hacked many months ago and then sold to a crypto promoter, who changed the handle to variations of @cryptokingsfirst last month before it was recently restored to @ryanlochte. 

Although it seems like Lochte has his account back, the crypto tweets have still not been removed. His representation has yet to respond clarifying whether the account was sold or hacked. 

Dressel and Lochte are far from the only celebrities whose Twitter accounts have been targeted by crypto scammers. They join a long list that includes Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Youtuber Mr. Beast and Wiz Khalifa. 

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1 year ago

I hacked it. Was easy. Password was 1763

1 year ago

The very fact that Bitcoin promoters use these dirty, underhanded ploys turns me off from ever buying or using it. Do they not realize they’re shooting themselves in the foot with all of this sleaze and illegitimacy?

Need stronger passwords
1 year ago

Simon Burnett looks to have been hacked as well?

Real Nigerian Prince
1 year ago

I can unlock Caeleb’s Twitter. I just need $1,544 for Twitter to processing fee. I would pay this myself but due to event in Ukraine my bank account has been temporarily frozen .

If you send money I will unlock Caeleb’s Twitter and return double the amount directly to your bank account in one week.

Venmo @bestrealb0nerpillz and have good fortunes.

1 year ago

People still use Twitter?

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Greg
1 year ago

Whenever a question begins with, “People still…”, the answer is always tens of millions.

Not everybody is paranoid and willingly blows in the wind via the latest gob of peer pressure.

Beginner Swimmer at 25
Reply to  Awsi Dooger
1 year ago

Twitter sucks though fr fr

Reply to  Greg
1 year ago

Just looked it up. You’re right, not many. Only 396.5 million global users as of Aug 4.

1 year ago

comment image

1 year ago

Sounds like he’s not too stressed about it. Musk exposed Twitter anyway for what it is with all its’ fake accounts.

Reply to  Hank
1 year ago

A Musk supporter talks about fake things? Fair enough. Do now Tesla’s “full self-driving.”

Reply to  Hank
1 year ago

No, dear. Actually he didn’t. Statistical analysis doesn’t seem to be his strong suit. Anyone with a working knowledge of statistics would know his sample size was too small.

1 year ago


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