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Caeleb Dressel and his swim parents may have a few things to teach us about success.  Our sport stands on the shoulders of swim moms and swim dads all over the world. After Caeleb’s jaw-dropping performance at the 2018 Men’s NCAA DI Championships, SwimSwam was lucky enough to capture Caeleb’s parents on camera.

Here’s a quick recap on Caeleb’s NCAA Championship performance (though I can’t imagine anyone missed it):

  • 50 yard free – 17.63
  • 100 yard free – 39.90
  • 100 yard butterfly – 42.80

My one big takeaway was witnessing how easy-going Caeleb’s parents are–aside from being humble and humorous.  At SwimSwam we’ve been fortunate to meet so many swim parents of superstars, and that’s the one common denominator. They love their kids, and they keep swimming (the stress of racing) in perspective. That matters enormously on the road to World Championships and the Olympic Games.

This summer, as a follow up to Caeleb’s NCAA performance and his 2017 World Championship seven gold medals, does anyone want to make predictions? I don’t. I’m getting sick of being wrong. Caeleb beats my predictions every time.  Instead, I’ll frame it another way.  I’d be happy if Caeleb improved on his Worlds Budapest times with:

  • 20.89 50m free
  • 46.9 100m free
  • 49 low 100m fly

***And, yes, I know that’s toppling three world records from the tech-suit era, and I am fully aware Caeleb will probably swim faster than the times above.

What do you think? 

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This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of, a Swimming News website.

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6 years ago

I say 20.4 50 free, 46.2 100 free, 49.1 100 fly, and 1:53.8 200 IM

6 years ago

Daily Stoic. EPIC.

6 years ago

I mean, Dressel is amazingly fast but I’ve read some craaazy predictions here, If he is able to take down at least one of those plastic bag 50-100 free records I will be so happy. I cant see him going below 1.54 in the 200 IM yet, peak Lochte and Phelps werent able to do it, just saying

6 years ago

My parents had the same attitude towards my swimming, when I was a teenager. They didn´t have a clue about my PBs and knew that I did, what I wanted, they were happy, when I was happy with a meet. They´ve never been to any meet and I never really wanted them to. Loved it that way.

6 years ago

Which books were mentioned in the video? I couldnt here it right

Reply to  Woetiewoetie
6 years ago

listen to the video again – its pretty clear actually

Pete Manieri
6 years ago

An inside look at Zen and the Art of Zen Riding…
Great great little piece here Swim Swam.
Great seeing Cody Miller’s precedent unfolding.

Swimmer A
6 years ago

The only predictions I will make: faster than 20.91, 46.91, and 49.82.

6 years ago

I predict that Caeleb Dressel will false start in all his races at Nationals and not make the team.

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo
Reply to  sven
6 years ago


Seriously…It’s a dumb rule anyway. Work your butt off for a year, then get DQd when you make a mistake.


well yeah, it encourages good habits and you have to perform on the day. That’s how it has been for a long time (I don’t exactly remember when they stopped with the 2 false start rule)

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