Bubble Ring Pro Shane Brown Blows Rings 2 Meters Wide (VIDEO)

by SwimSwam 5

February 06th, 2015 Britain, Europe, International, Lifestyle, Video

Swimming Video is courtesy of Shane Brown.

Via Youtube: Not on a swim team anymore, but I’m still blowing dat bubble rang.

SwimSwam caught up with Shane Brown. He said:

My best bubble rings get up to 2 meters wide at the top of the water.

If you have a bubble rings video that can compare or surpass Shane’s, send it along or put in the comments below. We’d love to see it. Shane probably would too.

Thanks, Shane. That was impressive!

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but how… I want to hear from him how he makes them so perfect. mine just fall apart after 5 seconds. maybe a foot across.

Shanger Danger

hey man! glad to see you want to make yours better. I have a video explaining how I do them, you can find it on my channel. You could try the techniques i offer and see if it helps you improve your size. I always puff my cheeks as wide as i can, and i think there’s something special about the amount of pressure that you’re under as you blow the ring, because if the air is expanding as it rises, it will keep getting bigger and bigger. if you find me on youtube or instagram i’d be happy to explain more!


That is pretty impressive. The largest I can get my bubble rings is 2 feet. I wonder how he does it…

I would assume that he is blowing out more air, making it so that the ring has more room to expand. I know that my bubble rings were never that think at the start, and grew to be much too thin way before his.

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