Brock Turner ‘Would Not Be Eligible’ for USA Swimming Membership

Former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was not a member of USA Swimming at the time he sexually assaulted a woman, and therefore cannot be banned, according to USA Swimming Director of SafeSport Susan Woessner.

Turner was sentenced to 6 months in prison and probation by a Superior Court judge last week after a jury found him guilty of three charges: assault with the intent to commit rape, sexual penetration of an intoxicated person and sexual penetration of an unconscious person.

Two prior charges of the original five were dropped.

Turner is a former member of the USA Swimming National Junior Team for the 2013-2014 season, but the organization says that his membership lapsed as of the end of 2014 (on December 31st, 2014 to be specific). That means that when he committed the sexual assault in January of 2015, during his freshman year at Stanford, he was not a USA Swimming member.

“He was not a member at the time of his crime or since then,” Woessner said. “USA Swimming doesn’t have any jurisdiction over non-members.”

Woessner did say that Turner wouldn’t be allowed to become a member in the future, however.

“Turner would be not eligible to become a member should he attempt to return to the organization in the future.”

While USA Swimming cannot enact bans over non-members, they do keep a list of flagged individuals who would not be cleared for membership if they applied in the future.

Athletes must be members of USA Swimming “in good standing” to complete at the Olympic Trials.


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Lp Man

Fairly certain this is the least of his troubles


I am not a swimmer, I saw this site from the pic posted in taken from this site. The text above doesn’t reflect so well with you guys. It is good to know that this attitude is unacceptable in this community. Swimming is an admirable sport. Please be good role models. The more athletes we have, the healthier our future is physically where a decent attitude towards human life counts just as much. BTW.. i think Brock may have had a different idea in having his own wikipedia page. ThanQ for realizing that even if a girl says no after penetration, it still means STOP. Having sexual relations with a being goes with that territory. You don’t need to… Read more »


This has nothing to do with his ‘troubles’ and everything to do with not allowing a convicted violent criminal to represent the sport, the US and the Olympic games. It has a far reaching message to those inside and outside the sport as to what it stands for. Unlike the boxer who hits his girlfriend repeatedly and then is allowed to continue to compete in the championship fight and make millions, sending the message that those in charge of that sport don’t care what he does, or about women so long as the fighter makes money for them. I’m glad to see swimming is better than that.

Steve Nolan
Steve Nolan

I wish hyperlinks showed up more prominently in comments. (But what DAAAAVE said.)


This has been making the rounds on the mainstream (i.e. non-swimming) internet.

It is required reading:


The victim missed an opportunity to devote a paragraph or two to warning young women — like her little sister — about the dangers of getting incoherently black-out drunk at a party full of strangers. She is absolutely correct that she committed no crime by drinking herself to the point of unconsciousness. Nor would she have been guilty of a crime if, in her state of inebriation, she had fallen over a 3rd-story balcony railing, or if she had stumbled directly into the path of a moving truck. However, those would have been tragic situations that could have been avoided if she had acted a little more responsibly. To be clear, her irresponsible behavior doesn’t make Turner any less guilty.… Read more »

Ferb\'s Mom

I sense an inherent bias here. Perhaps a bitter friend or teammate of Brock Rapist Turner? Maybe not, but either way, it’s interesting that the warning you provide is only to young women. Wouldn’t a man in a similar “self-inflicted drunken stupor” be just as susceptible in a “state of inebriation,” that “could have been avoided if [he] acted a little more responsibly.”

I get it, it’s so much easier to blame a drunk woman. She’s just asking for it.


I pre answered that . Yes inebriation is a massive problem . For example what would you do if you came across someone unconscious? They don’t necessarily reek if they’ve been drinking the nice aromatic stuff . What would you do if you saw someone (helping) dragging an unconscious person for example into a car? If they are really totally out of it like this girl , they often involuntarily urinate & defecate . (ironically this is a defines against sexual assault ) . BTW a hint -it is often the most successful young women who are affected . A family member worked in ICU at a major Sydney hospital . One such girl -a top shot lawyer of 24… Read more »


She said that she didn’t handle the alcohol as well as she’d expected, because she was out of practice for drinking very much — so not at all like your example of an alcoholic “top shot lawyer”. So anyway, she wasn’t saying she was a perfect angel. (I also wonder if some of the drinks weren’t harder to tell about how alcoholic they were — soda, fruit juice, etc.can be mixed in so it doesn’t seem as strong). What is your point in talking about involuntarily urinating and defecating? Totally inconsequential to anything. And her letter was addressed to her rapist, so why would she put something in there that is directed toward warning other young women? Two guys saw… Read more »


BTW smart professional males do cocaine not alcohol.

Coach Betsy

Even if that was intended to be a joke, it’s not at all funny.


You are absolutely right, the warning should apply to young men as well as young women. Either are susceptible, when in a black-out drunk state, to being victimized, assaulted, or worse. And either bear some responsibility if their drunkenness causes them to put themselves in a dangerous situation. What struck me about this particular victim’s lengthy statement is that she (a woman in this case, but yes, it could have been a man as well) fails to acknowledge even a shred of personal responsibility for putting herself in a bad situation.


@ FERB Why should she have to acknowledge personal responsibility for putting herself in a bad situation? This is a RAPE trial, not a public drunkenness trial. Your comment makes ZERO sense to me. Let’s just imagine for a second that she was actually shot in the head by Turner instead of being raped. Would you expect her to say, “Oh…one more thing, I think I have to acknowledge that I shouldn’t have been drinking. It put me in the dangerous situation of being susceptible to murder. Don’t drink, kids. If you do, you might get murdered. You are responsible for your own safety after all.” Should teenagers be educated on the dangers of intoxication? DEFINITELY. Is it the responsibility… Read more »


Here we go with the victim blaming. She doesn’t need to acknowledge personal responsibility as it WASN’T HER FAULT!


Are you for real???? Why shpuld she take responsibility for anything?? She got drunk does that give this guy the right to touch her and assault her?! The only person here who shpuld take some responsibility is the guy. Is it right for him to do this because she is drunk?! I think not. It IS an assault as he did not get consent. People like you need to stop victim blaming and place the blame where it deserves to be. On the head of the guilty guy. It’s like sating a girl shouldn’t wear a low cut top cuz it’s provocative and therefore automatically gives someone the right to grope her. You and people like you are the reason… Read more »


It is like saying a girl shouldn’t wear a low top, and maybe in certain situations they shouldn’t, like if they’re going to out and get stupid drunk around a bunch of drunk men. Girl’s are endowed with sexual power over men that men don’t have over women, and they need to be responsible about how they use it. But lots of girls want to be able to go out and tease men and exert this power over them in drunken situations, and then they don’t want to have any accountability when a situation turns against them. This is called having your cake and eating it too.


Yeah, NO.

lol try again.


Rape culture

@ Mateo You just condoned rape culture. You just supported women being raped for wearing clothes that make them feel good. You just said women need to take responsibility for being attacked because they lead men on. This is a prime example of how rape culture is a dictating force in our everyday lives. Instead of teaching women that they need to limit themselves in social settings so as to protect themselves, we instead need to teach people (such as yourself) that rape is an unforgivable crime. That no one asks to be raped or sexually abused. That no one should have to apologize for wearing “promiscuous clothing”. If a person rapes it is because they are violent criminals. Sane… Read more »


Hah, no. Are you saying men don’t have any self-control? A dog can be trained to not eat unless he’s given permission, even if it’s left alone in a room with a juicy steak. So are you saying men have less control than dogs? Aren’t humans supposed to be more intelligent, more capable, than dogs? If men can’t control themselves, they should be leashed.

That sexual power excuse is nonsense. Please grow up.

Disgusting rape culture

Simply disgusting. You are condoning rape culture. So if a bank clerk displays money on the countertop, thats not yours and you take it, regardless, its ok because the bank teller was egging you with all that money? That’s your logic? Unreal. Own up to it. You took something that wasn’t yours to take. Just because a body is in display, doesn’t mean ITS YOURS TO TAKE!


Look at the dislikes. You are fundamentally wrong. Please educate yourself.


Again, you blame the victim instead of focusing on the man who sexually assaulted her in her inebriated state. I’ll bet you’ve never run into ANY guy who feared he would be sexually assaulted during a frat party. Men should be taught to NOT rape. Make the punishment so undesirable as to completely dissuade a man from engaging in this sort of predatory behavior. Any decent man would have kept this woman in a bedroom or otherwise gotten her away from the other party-goers, then set about trying to find her friend(s) or getting her home. She had a phone. Get on the phone and call someone to come get her. It really is that simple.

ex swimmer

Men are not equally susceptible to sexual assault. The numbers of men who experience sexual assault are not ANYWHERE NEAR the number of women who do, and most of those sexual assaults occur in PRISON, almost ALL are at the hands of OTHER MEN.

This is NOT an even crime between genders. It is gender-based violence.

Finally, someone being drunk is not AN INVITATION to insert your penis into them, so drinking, in and of itself does not cause rape. What you’re basically saying is “Don’t drink because then the rapist will rape someone else.”

How embarrassing for you.

Your Momma



Average men that get drunk do not want to rape someone behind a dumpster. This happened because the rapist shared your bias against woman while sober. Same as his father. He has shown no true remorse. And you have shown no concern for the women of this country with your statements.

The victims character, behavior, nor any perception You choose to have of her are relevant.

What is relevant is the way You think. What would You have done in his position to someone unconscious and unresponsive.
Are you implying that You would have done what he did? That is how your message reads.


My problem with your premise is that it is fundamentally wrong. You’re saying that, under certain circumstances, not only is rape acceptable, it’s expected. If this woman had been murdered in addition to being raped, would you still place the blame on her?


Being drunk in a public place is an offence in many places but I don’t know about CA & further this was on private property. It is in itself not an arrest unless there is a danger to themselves /others. A large factor in pedestrian deaths is due to their drunkenness so it is not necessarily victimless . On SWSW i recall a young male swimmer who was run over because he was lying unconscious on the road . There is a lot of denial about women’s alcohol dependence . It is not a new problem for I had some friends whom I gave up on .I no longer accompanied them to parties & had to leave them in bad… Read more »


Coulda, shoulda, woulda. If it were YOUR sister, I’ll bet you’d be singing a different tune. We’re not talking about a swimmer passing out in the middle of the road, only to be run down. We are talking about a man who sexually assaulted a drunken woman at a private party. Oh, excuse me, somehow they ended up behind a dumpster. And again, you focus on (blaming) the victim and not placing the onus of this event squarely where it belongs: On her attacker, Brock Turner.


And don’t forget to add, that Brock ran when those two cyclists, who discovered him raping the victim, confronted him. Why would Brock run and leave her if it was consensual.

ex swimmer

If someone is passed out, that doesn’t mean she has provided blanket consent for any male in the area to insert his penis into her. NOT TO MENTION that MANY RAPISTS use drugs to render victims unconscious so that they can be RAPED.

This isn’t about being drunk. Even if a woman has a problem with alcohol , it doesn’t mean that rape is an inevitable or deserved conclusion.

How shameful for you to say that.

Jackie T

I agree that he’s guilty of assault, but it’s worth mentioning that they didn’t have sex, nor did his pants come off at any time, from any report that I’ve read.


Actually, you’re wrong on that account.

According to the victim’s own statement, he was inside of her. Also, the two bicyclists mentioned him pulling his pants up before running. That, and the fact that she was partially undressed (no underwear etc)


lemme see if I understand you. You’re not blaming the victim but, you think she’s irresponsible and should have prevented the assault by being proactively defensive in not daring to be drunk at a party, that women should be constantly on guard and not free to enjoy a party in the same manner a man does?

I notice you fail to devote a paragraph or two in your statement that it’s a tragedy women must always be on their guard at a party and be more restrained than their male counterparts.


I don’t think that’s what he was trying to say even though he definitely didn’t articulate it in a great way. But based on what you said, as a woman yes I absolutely think I should be proactive when it comes to protecting myself in any scenario, not just a scenario like this. Really I think that EVERYONE regardless of sex should think that same way as well. That doesn’t mean that I am to blame or that I asked for it or that I can’t enjoy myself, etc. But we live in a world that has evil, horrible people and even just regular people who make mistakes – the only person who is going to look out for you… Read more »


Regular people who make mistakes like: “….. OMG, I mistakenly fell naked on top of this woman and mistakenly tore her underpants, and I accidentally found myself penetrating her and causing grazing and bleeding over her body, and mistakenly ran away when someone came to help!!! ” You mean, those kid of regular people-type mistakes Jess?

ex swimmer

There are “evil, horrible people” in the world ( like RAPIST Brock Turner). That’s the point. Those people should be PUNISHED for their EVIL, HORRIBLE BEHAVIOR.

You’re saying that “as long as I stay relatively sober and don’t get drugged, then the rapist will just rape someone else.”

That’s not helpful.

Rapists on college campuses rape an average of 6 victims. This isn’t “oh he got drunk and made a mistake.” He was at the part LOOKING FOR SOMEONE to rape. He would likely do this again if permitted. He’s a rapist.


hon, you can do everything right and still be assaulted, and it’s NEVER your fault if someone decides to ATTACK YOU. If someone has their car broken into, are they asked why they left it parked in the street and not a garage? Are they told that they shouldn’t have bought a red car, as that brings more attention to the car? NO. So let’s stop blaming women when someone attacks them. Cos you can be damn certain, if a man was raped by another man, he would not be blamed – if he could bring himself to report the incident at all.


While I think I know what you were trying to say here, I don’t think it came across in the correct way. However as a woman myself (although that part is irrelevant) or rather as an adult, I am absolutely responsible for drinking myself into a stupor and while that doesn’t mean the blame is on me or that I “asked” for it, I do share part of the responsibility for what happened or rather for what I could have possibly helped prevent. As others have said it isn’t a crime to be drunk, but it also isn’t smart to put myself in a situation like that and often times with these stories I wonder if things would have been… Read more »


There are lessons to be learned for both men and women from this tragedy. No one should put themselves in a position where their judgement or ability to make decisions is impaired. And, just because you would advise your son or daughter not to drink too much, why does this mean you are blaming the victim? I would advise my children not to drive through a crime-ridden area of a city late at night in order to protect them from becoming a victim of a crime. This does not mean I would blame them if they became a victim of a crime if they did so against my advice. The lesson for all is that you should not put yourself… Read more »


As another Mom–a completely outraged one–the key lesson that needs to be learned here is that men shouldn’t rape. Ever. Men shouldn’t force a woman (or another) to perform sexual acts with them/on them under any circumstances, including if the would-be victim is incapacitated for any reason. If you have a son, teach him THAT lesson. Teach it to his friends while you are at it. Because while I teach my daughter (and her friends) to be smart and responsible, that won’t necessarily protect her from being drugged. Or overpowered. Or simply not having her loud and clear “NO” or “STOP” respected. I’m doing my job. My daughter has be taught and understand this lesson. But boys and men along… Read more »


Agreed! So sad that you would even need to teach what rape is, and that it is wrong, but obviously it needs to be said. Many conversations have occurred with both my sons and daughters as a result of this terrible crime.


“Or simply not having her loud and clear “NO” or “STOP” respected.” but there was no “NO” or “STOP” in fact there was a YES from the victim. There are many lessons to be learned from this, for boys especially but also for anyone who consumes alcohol, there is not reason why we can’t look at both, in fact the more we learn the better.

Don’t go bashing other lessons because yours is better, over drinking is a problem and so is the way boys act sometimes, both need to be dealt with not just one or the other.


He says there was a yes. He was trying to avoid prison. He lied quite a few times in ways that were countered by the physical evidence and other testimony. The problem is people can’t seem to handle rape so just call it assault and stop blaming the damn victims.


He “claims” there was a yes… but none of that was his story at the beginning. He changed his story when he found out the victim had NO memory and he could say whatever he wanted to. He lied repeatedly, and changed his story several times. The bottom line… an unconscious victim cannot consent.


hey concerned mom, one in six boys are sexually assaulted, did you know that statistic, if it’s hard for women and girls to come forward, it’s almost impossible in our society for men to come forward, especially when the young boys are encouraged that they should be proud that an adult woman sexually assaulted them, hey, aren’t you lucky your teacher 15 years older than you took an interest! We need to address sexual assault and rape culture as it affects everyone of every gender, and traps people into gender norms, it’s not about not protecting yourself from being assaulted, it’s stopping those who assault and punish them, for 1,000 rapes, only 6 rapists ever go to jail. Telling women… Read more »


There are good reasons to not get drunk, like getting hit by a car, falling down the stairs, or to one’s health if one gets drunk on a regular basis.

If she’d just been mugged or her car stolen, nobody would be asking about her sex life or how much she’d had to drink. And that’s why, while it isn’t smart to get drunk, it shouldn’t be connected to being raped. Let’s focus instead on getting the message out to people about Consent, and that Rape is a Crime.


She should have been helped home. She should have been helped. She should have been protected by normal, thinking, feeling, compassionate human beings. If this kind of behavior is something you perceive to be “normal”, then you’re not fit to comment here. You need to grow up. And Brock Turner needs to personally account for what he did that night. Anything short of that is just blather. What kind of sub-human cretin does what he did? Rhetorical question. If you’re sub-human, cretinous, it’s what you do. Put him in a cage where he can think about it, and the rest of you who defend his actions? You are beyond redemption.


How about don’t rape. This is victim shaming, like telling women not to wear certain clothing because guys can’t control themselves. this is gross and I am sick of it. because its not her fault.

Captain K

Oh I can explain this.. she’s not taking personal responsibility because its about something that was done TO HER while she was in a state where she could not protest or fight back. What other people do to her while she is drunk is not her fault or responsibility, and when a woman is black out drunk that doesn’t mean other people should take advantage of her and it certainly isnt her responsibility when they do! Its a pretty simple concept, I am perplexed by the amount of people who still dont get it.


There is no question that rape is a heinous, inexcusable act under any and all circumstances, including when one is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There is no dispute on that point. This young woman is not to blame. Using this sad situation as one of many examples illustrating why you should not drink to excess is not blaming the victim. It is simply sound advice. Do you think she will advise her kids to watch how much they drink? Probably. Wouldn’t you? It’s no different than telling your kids to look for cars before legally stepping into a cross walk. If a driver fails to yield to the pedestrian and hits them, they, not the pedestrian, are… Read more »


If sobriety could save women from rape women would have stopped drinking long ago.
This foolishness of finding new ways to blame women for the crimes of rapists every time rapists find new ways to attack is why rape continues.
Her state of drunkenness was as irrelevant as if she were mugged or punched.
The kid’s a criminal and he should go to jail, that’s it. The rest is just sanctimonious noise.


Did you read her letter? She does mention the effect of the alcohol on her. But what would be more useful is teaching people that it’s wrong to take advantage of other people.


This is the mentality of the older generation. Do you also have some advice regarding outfit, makeup, promiscuity, “wrong place”?

You think that You are self-righteous and helping a lot with good advice. People with your way of thinking never take full action to protect the victim. The only way to protect future victims is by accepting your responsibility as a citizen to ask for full penalties. You can channel your concerns into sending sober people this message: The victim’s character, consciousness, place, or choices are irrelevant.

Ki Ba

What you fail to understand is that people should rape. At ALL. You clearly do not understand consent.

Sweater Girl

So, I was raped when I was 22. I was stone cold sober. I was wearing baggy jeans and a sweater. I had no makeup on. I went to my ex boyfriend’s house (who I had ended on good terms with and he had a new gf) to pick up a sweatshirt. His mom was home. She said hi to me before she ran out to the store to grab some dog food.

What personal responsibility should I take?


Did you go to the police? What was the outcome of the trial ?


Yeah.. pretty sure if someone was that drunk, my reaction would not be to rape them…. I might offer them help to a safe place, I might even search her handbag for some ID and phone someone… if I was not in good shape myself, I might find someone in better shape to help, but yeah.. no I wouldn’t rape them. Takes a special kind of person to do that.. they are called rapists.


falling over a balcony = self-inflicted accident. stumbling into a path of a truck = self-inflicted accident. this woman did not accidentally take off her clothes. this woman’s vagina did not accidentally fall on this guy’s finger. you just can’t compare these things. maybe instead of teaching young women not to drink too much we can teach men not to rape? she doesn’t accept any personal responsibility because there is no personal responsibility to accept. No one is responsible for their own rape. No one. Ever.

Coach Betsy

Seriously? That’s the message you are choosing to focus on?


Perhaps it would be better for the whole world, if you taught young men not to rape, period! That should be the message, it is never OK to rape, man, woman, or child.

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