Breakdown of the FINA Best Athletes Awards Voting

by Garrett McCaffrey 6

January 06th, 2013 International, News

On Facebook today, FINA Aquatics World Magazine posted the voting breakdown for their annual FINA Best Athletes Awards. Missy and Michael dominated the voting for swimmers, but the rest of the nominees seemed fairly tightly bunched. It appears that relay performances meant a lot to voters as the relay performance of the meet (as well as a gold in the 200 free) earned Yannick Agnel a runner up percentage of the vote. Do you agree, disagree, or have any explanation as to why the voting broke down this way? Let’s get the conversation started!

Best Male Swimmer:

1. Michael Phelps (USA) 55,7%
2. Yannick Agnel (FRA) 18,9%
3. Sun Yang (CHN) 11,3 %
4. Ryan Lochte (USA) 7,5%
5. Chad Le Clos (RSA) 3,8%
6. Daniel Gyurta (HUN) 1,9%
7. Nathan Adrian (USA) 0,9%

Best Female Swimmer:

1. Missy Franklin (USA) 58,1%
2. Ye Shiwen (CHN) 17,1 %
3. Camille Muffat (FRA) 14,3%
4. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (NED) 9,5%
5. Allison Schmitt (USA) 1,0%

Best Male Diver

1. Ilya Zakharov (RUS) 50,5%
2. David Boudia (USA) 21,8%
3. Qin Kai (CHN) 16,8%
4. Thomas Daley (GBR) 7,9%
5. Qiu Bo (CHN) 3,0%

Best Female Diver

1. Wu Minxia (CHN) 46,5%
2. Chen Ruolin (CHN) 32,7%
3. Tania Cagnotto (ITA) 8,9%
4. He Zi (CHN) 7,9%
5. Brittany Broben (AUS) 4,0%

Best Synchronised Swimmer

1. Natalia Ishchenko (RUS) 74,0%
2. Andrea Fuentes (ESP) 13,0%
3. Svetlana Romashina (RUS) 10,0%
4. Huang Xuechen (CHN) 2,0%
5. Liu Ou (CHN) 1,0%

Best Open Water Male Swimmer

1. Oussama Mellouli (TUN) 73,3%
2. Thomas Lurz (GER) 13,9%
3. Spyridon Gianniotis (GRE) 5,9%
4. Trent Grimsey (AUS) 5,0%
5. Richard Weinberger (CAN) 1,0%
6. Rostislav Vitek (CZE) 0.9%

Best Open Water Female Swimmer

1. Eva Risztov (HUN) 59,0%
2. Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) 17,0%
3. Martina Grimaldi (ITA) 16,0%
4. Esther Nunez (ESP) 6,0%
5. Haley Anderson (USA) 2,0%

Best Male Water Polo Player

1. Josip Pavic (CRO) 47,5%
2. Miho Boskovic (CRO) 30,7%
3. Andrija Prlainovic (SRB) 8,9%
3. Stefano Tempesti (ITA) 8,9%
5. Aleksandar Ivovic (MNE) 4,0%

Best Female Water Polo Player

1. Maggie Steffens (USA) 55,0%
2. Anni Espar (ESP) 20,0%
3. Heather Petri (USA) 17,0%
4. Tania di Mario (ITA) 4,0%
5. Ash Southern (AUS) 3,0%
6. Ma Huanhuan (CHN) 1,0%

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Philip Johnson

Don’t agree with Agnel over Yang.

It depends on the method used in voting. If there was just one vote for top male then all other places are non applicable if those percentages are all first place votes. Did those who voted for phelps also have a 2nd and 3rd vote.

I agree with you.

Yang has 2 individual golds and 1 individual silver, while Agnel has 1 individual gold.

Agreed on Sun over Agnel

Also more

If Sun had also broken the 400WR, I think he would deserve to win as swimmer of the year..


WRs in both 400-1,500 at the olympics?
Just mindblowing. Oh those missed fractions of second…

Phelps was blasting off in his last meet. he came back to close some huge swims and captured the hearts of way more people. Ryan was still awesome but I think the idea of him being “the” break out star faded a little.

Missy was just a poster child for coolness all the way around. She has a million dollar smile and is putting up swim to match it…

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