Bob Bowman, NBAC Staff To Live-Tweet Saturday Morning’s Practice

Looking for some swimming stimulus on Saturday morning while awaiting the Mike Bottom and co. live-tweet of Michigan’s dual meet against Ohio State?

Well, how about a former Michigan coach, Bob Bowman, live Tweeting a practice along with fellow high performance coaches Eric Posegay and Keenan Robinson.

Yes, that’s right. Bob Bowman, the top man at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, will be live Tweeting a Saturday morning practice, beginning at 7:30 AM Eastern Time, of the North Baltimore Aquatic Club’s high performance 1 and high performance 2 groups.

Who would want to see what’s going on at an NBAC practice? Well besides the fact that they’re the home club of some of the world’s most popular swimmers (Michael Phelps, Yannick Agnel, and Conor Dwyer), there is the matter of a certain Tweet that Bowman sent to the Frenchman and Olympic Champion Agnel last week.

In that Tweet, Bowman said “I’ve been coaching for 28 years. Today @YannickAgnel took things to a new level. #justtrainandyouwillsee #NBAC2014.”

Note that this is the man who has coached the winningest Olympian of all time, in any sport, since he was a child, and he was so moved by what Agnel did, that he took the time to Tweet that one of his newer swimmers, Agnel, had taken things TO A NEW LEVEL.

The specific set was discovered by Alex Pussielidi, Brazil’s top swimming reporter, on his Blog do Coach. See what got Bowman all excited here (though, specific details about Agnel’s time are still a mystery).

This could be fun. A rare opportunity to peak inside the practice of Bob Bowman. Any swim fan, swimmer, or swim coach, regardless of training philosophy, should see it as a grand opportunity to peek into this world.

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Can someone please translate this?


If you view it in chrome just click the translate button.

Lane Four

I think that after Bob is finished with Agnel, the 400 world record is going to be his and his alone. A 3:38 is looking more and more like a real possibility at the World Championships (if not the European Championships).


If Agnel focuses on 200-400, I agree that he will break the 400 WR. I have written my fantasy split below.


Ok, so Bobo will tweet in for this, but shouldn’t Bob be, uh, coaching and not tweeting?

Justin Thompson

You’re right. Bowman is a bum. A complete loser of coach who has accomplished nothing and i’m sure he’ll read your response and cancel the whole thing:)


You are right. There is no way that Bob could possibly dictate to one of his assistants what to tweet on his behalf, that would just make too much sense.

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