Open Water Swimming – Get out there

Here’s a cool video that shows that open water swimming is also a great adventure sport.  Swedish film producers Angaloppet TV made this fun short film that encourages viewers to “Leave the Gym Behind”.  Swimmers Lisa Johansson and Rasmus Regnstrand hit the waters in Anga Sweden last November and did some adventure swimming in 8 degree celsius water. As we’ve shared here before (the Bering Strait Relay Crossing), there’s a growing contingent of cold water swimmers hit the open water scene. But as with everything in open water swimming, you’ve got to be prepared for the cold and it’s not something to jump into lightly – safety should always be the number one concern.

But enjoy this ‘cool’ piece and maybe it will inspire you to head out of the confines of the pool and get swimming in the open water.

There are more and more people hitting the open water swimming scene every day. Do you have an open water swimming story to share? If so, hit us up and let us know. We’d love to feature you adventure and learn of your experiences.

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