Bob Bowman Introduced as Director of Swimming & Diving at Texas (FULL Press Conference)

Bob Bowman was officially introduced as the Director of Swimming & Diving at the University of Texas on Tuesday, giving a press conference in the UT Football stadium. Listen to what Bowman has learned throughout his time at NBAC, ASU, and Michigan that he will carry with him to Texas and how he plans to balance training his pros in Tempe with his new responsibilities in Austin.

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Tom C.
16 days ago

In a word…WOW! Up until tonight, I was a huge Bob Bowman and Leon Marchand fan. I cannot be part of that group going forward.
May I humbly provide three points to consider:
1. Barely even 24 hours after winning a National Championship through the unwavering grace, support, resourcing, and backlash (interesting article about Bob’s compensation vs. a standard PhD Professor) Arizona State University, Bob returns the favor with said announcement (which obviously was months in the works). Changing programs and following the almighty dollar is understandable. But gosh….the body is not even cold yet Mr. Bob Bowman! Again…..In a word…WOW!
2. Bob now proclaims his plans to now take… Read more »

Reply to  Tom C.
16 days ago

Preach it!

Reply to  Tom C.
16 days ago

Do you have any clue how this looks and is perceived by the swimming masses? Duh! I am confident I am not the only former Bowman/Marchand fan who is appalled by this”

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Old Swim Coach
Reply to  Tom C.
15 days ago

I read your comment and thought that a response is needed. Your points are valid to some degree, but not to the depth of accusations you strongly support. Let’s say, for a moment, that Bob was coaching a team that placed in the 20’s. Would you be so upset? What if Durden, DeSorbo, Looze, or Nesty had done the same? Would you be crying foul then? Or, maybe you are upset because it’s Texas. Texas hate is real.
With regards to all pro groups, where are they supposed to train? There are pockets of pro groups around the country, but there aren’t many choices. The U.S. has been training international swimmers along with our U.S. athletes for decades. How… Read more »

Swimming Genius
Reply to  Tom C.
14 days ago

Can you take your bitter pants off.

Bowman continues to challenge himself at higher and higher levels. He was offered a better job and most likely more money. Why not take it. Bowman is about improving and NOT staying stagnant.

Texas has Pro swimmers as well. Did you know they even have international students on the swim team already? Even one from….GASP….Russia! Basically the exact same situation in that regard. So no real reason to get upset.

If you have an issue with groups using the USOTC, call them. They will listen to you if you want to pay for pool time. They will probably even give you rates. They welcome foreign athletes. Some people feel ;the US should… Read more »

16 days ago

Regan to Texas!

MIchael Andrew Wilson
16 days ago

That was the most Kirk Bohls question ever lmaooooooo

16 days ago

Sorry to change the subject, but why are replies to comments now not under the comment they are replying too on here? Or is that just on my iPad?

16 days ago

Can’t wait to see the transfer portal

16 days ago

Thank you to Coleman for asking an actually insightful question. What a whirlwind that must have been—from a celebration on Saturday with alums to a meeting Monday with your coach telling you he is leaving.

On another note… that first question was just horrible. How is “Could Michael Phelps have won an Olympic medal without you?” even remotely relevant to this discussion

Reply to  SwimMaxxing
16 days ago

Yeah most of those questions were trash, want to actually know more about the current situation

16 days ago

Here’s what I would have asked: 1. Is Carol going to report to Bob? 2. On a daily basis? 3. How much is Bob going to be involved with the women’s team? 4. What precisely are the extra duties that come with the new “Director of Swimming” title? 5. Is Bob making a lot more than Carol? 6. If so, what do you say to those who claim that creating this extra job title was just a way to justify paying Bob more than you are paying Carol? 7. What is to become of the assistant coaches currently on staff? 8. What do Ted and Alice have to say about all this???

Last edited 16 days ago by Waitwhat
Reply to  Waitwhat
16 days ago

Bob is going to make more than Carol. The rest of the questions imply that their relationship is destined to be strained when there is no reason to believe that.

Reply to  zThomas
16 days ago

Since you partially answered (5), do you care to have a go at the others? Ok to skip (8)!

Reply to  Waitwhat
15 days ago

I’ll take a swing at these all at once. If you listened to the conference, and take what they said at face value, Bob is going to be first among equals. I’m sure he’s making more money. They are going to lead their respective programs but there is probably going to be more collaboration than you’ve seen in the past. The programs have always been separate. Like completely separate. Carol has done more to bridge that gap than anyone in her position before her. I fully believe that Carol gave insight into the process and really thought about culture in getting the right person. There were a lot of names thrown out. They obviously wanted to get someone big after… Read more »

16 days ago

Wow he is really dedicated to this April fools prank

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Coleman Hodges

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