Peter Sukenik

View Current photo via Courtesy of Peter Sukeník

Peter has been taking photos of swimming since 2012.

It started on Slovak Summer Championships of younger pupils, where he decided that he wouldn’t be just a parent cheering for his son, but he would try to take a picture of his achievement. It was a small step from there to photos of his swimming group, than his home swimming team Nereus Zilina and gradually to taking photos on swimming meetings and championships for Slovak Swimming Federation.

In 2014 he tried to be an amateur press photographer on European Championships in Berlin. He really liked that experience, so he got ready even better for World Championships in 2015 in Kazan and for European Championships in 2016 in London. Besides photos of Slovak and Czech swimmers he made photos for, the biggest swimming website in the world. His photographs were used in dozens of articles on

And he wrote few articles about swimming in Slovakia by himself, too :-).

Peter’s photos appear regularly on websites of swimming teams, in newspapers and magazines and on online websites. He is a member of The Slovak Syndicate of Journalists, International Sports Press Association AIPS and Association of Slovak photographers.

Since 2016 Peter is SwimSwam European chief photographer.

Peter lives with his family near Zilina in Slovakia, Europe. Both of his sons are active swimmers and they have a full support of their parents.

You can take a look at Peter’s work on his own website: