Clare Murray

Clare Murray

Clare is a Dean’s List Honoree in her freshman year. She  joined the Aquamules after being an All-State qualifier in the 500 free and captain for one of two consecutive Weston High School Trojans Connecticut Class S Championship teams. In her first year of college swimming, Clare was the team’s Swiss army knife, competing in distance freestyle, butterfly, and IM events.

Colby College Swimming and Diving


Clare had an excellent rookie year and come in as an immediate scorer for the dual meet season. She successfully swam any race her coaches threw at her and was dedicated to her training. Her first season culminated with a finals appearance and place in 400 IM at NESCAC Championships.


Clare is a talented artist and loves to paint and draw. In fact, her cover photo is a piece of original artwork. Her middle name, Fenton, was her grandmother’s maiden and it historically meant marsh dweller. Later in life, she would like to own her own yoga studio. Fenton Mind and Body has nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Best Times

Course Event Time Date Meet
scy 400 IM 4:57.10 02/15/15 NESCAC Championships
Wesleyan University
scy 200 Fly 2:22.77 02/28/14 CT Regional Championships
Norwalk, CT
scy 500 Free 5:31.88 02/15/13 Class S High School State Trials
Plainville, CT