Big day for Japan in New South Wales

On the second evening of the New South Wales State Open Championships Japanese swimmers Ryosuke IrieAya Terakawa and Kosuke Hagino all posted new world bests. Irie went a 1:54.72 in the 200 backstroke, Terakawa took the 100 backstroke posted a time of 59.16 while Hagino won the 200 IM finishing in a time of 1:57.68.

Women’s 400 freestyle

The first event of the evening was a thriller with Olympic teammates Bronte Barratt and Kylie Palmer battling for top spot. There was no more than 26 one hundredths of a second separating the two women throughout the race. In the end Barratt won the event by the narrowest of margins swimming a time of 4:08.51 compared to Palmer who finished second with a time of 4:08.52.

Katie Goldman finished third in a time of 4:09.61.

Men’s 50 butterfly

In another tightly contested race Sam McConnell took the event in a time of 24.22 followed by Andrew Smith who posted a time of 24.26 and Benjamin Treffers who finished third in a time of 24.29.

Women’s 100 butterfly

Make that win number four for the Australian darling of the London Olympics, Alicia Coutts. Coutts led the race from start to finish turning in a time of 26.99 and winning in a time of 58.00. Fellow Olympian Ellen Gandy was not far behind finishing second in a time of 58.30 followed by Yuka Kato of who finished third posting a time 59.47.

Men’s 200 back

Ryosuke Irie and Kosuke Hagino who finished one two in the race now place first and second in the world rankings. Irie, the Irie_RyosukeOlympic silver medallist in the event posted a time of 1:54.72, three seconds faster than the previous world best of 1:57.85 set by Tyler Clary.

Hagino finished with a time of 1:55.12 followed by Ashley Delany who finished third with a time of 1:58.81.

Women’s 100 backstroke

Chalk up another win and another top spot on the world rankings for a Japanese athlete as Aya Terakawa took the women’s 100 back in a time of 59.16. She beat the number one time in the world set by Missy Franklin who had posted a time of 59.34.

The fight for second was a good one between Olympic teammates Emily Seebohm and Belinda Hocking. Seebohm finished second in a time of 1:00.64 followed by Hocking who posted a time of 1:00.69.

Men’s 100 breaststroke

The same swimmers who finished top three in the 50 breaststroke finished top three in the 100 event, just in a different order. 18 year old Akihiro Yamaguchi won the event in a time of 1:01.45 followed by countryman Kosuke Kitajima who finished second in a time of 1:02.49.

Max Ireland, who won the 50 breaststroke, finished third in a time of 1:02.84.

Men’s 100 backstroke Multi-Class

Sean Russo took the event in a time of 1:02.14 followed by Michael Auprince who touched in a time of 1:08.65. Oliver Cox finished third in a time of 1:14.10.

Women’s 100 backstroke Multi-Class

Jaqueline Freney won the event in a time of 1:24.83 with Ellie Cole finishing second with a time of 1:12.81 and Taylor Corry finishing third posting a time of 1:12.23.

Women’s 200 breaststroke

Sally Foster who won the 100 breaststroke also took top spot in the 200 breaststroke with a time of 2:27.93. 15 year old Jenna Strauch finished second in a time of 2:28.14 with Reona Aoki finishing third touching in a time of 2:28.94.

Men’s 200 freestyle

This event was a tightly contested race between Thomas Fraser-Holmes and Cameron McEvoy who were Olympic teammates. Fraser-Holmes had just over a half second lead at the halfway point and held off the fast charging McEvoy in the final 100 meters.

Fraser-Holmes won the event in a time of 1:47.64 followed by McEvoy who posted a time of 1:47.74. Takeshi Matsuda finished third in a time of 1:48.64.

Women’s 50 freestyle

By taking the top spot in this event Alicia Coutts has now won four out of the five races she has swam. Coutts posted a time of 25.37 Coutts_Aliciafollowed closely by Melanie Mitchell who finished second in a time of 25.44. Ellen O’Rourke finished third in a time of 25.58.

Men’s 200 IM

Earlier in the evening Kosuke Hagino put up a time that was faster than the world’s best, but was beat by fellow Japanese swimmer Ryokuke Irie. That was not the case in the 200 IM where Hagino took the event handily in a new world best time of 1:57.68, over two seconds faster than the previous best which was set by Joe Roebuck with a time of 2:00.04.

Daniel Tranter finished second in a time of 1:59.18 followed by Kenneth To who finished third in a time of 1:59.52.


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7 years ago

McEvoy 200free time is very good.He is what?18?He is showing some deep beyond 50 and 100 free.

7 years ago

Alicia Coutts is having a fantastic run at these championships. Winner of the 50m & 100m double in both freestyle and butterfly – she also finished third in the 100m breaststroke (1:09.08) and forth in the 100m backstroke (1:01.03). Looking forward to results of 200m IM tonight.

7 years ago

Coutts is the real star of Australian swimming right now. Not JM.

Reply to  KeithM
7 years ago

Alicia is virtually the only swimmer on the whole continent who is actually improving.

The rest are conserving energy – tantric swimming . It is the new thing.