Belmonte Takes Two At The 3rd Mediterranean Open In Marseille

Mireia Belmonte collected wins in the women’s 1500 freestyle and the women’s 400 IM on the first day of the 3rd Mediterranean Open in Marseilles, France. The Spaniard won the 1500 freestyle posting a time of 16:22.79 just nipping American Gillian Ryan, who posted a 16:23.57 in January, to take the top spot in the world rankings.

Camilla Hattersley of Great Britain finished second in a time of 16:38.50 followed by Julie Berthier of France who finished third recording a time of 16:41.93.

Belmonte grabbed the gold in the women’s 400 IM posting a time of 4:42.63. Beatriz Gomez Cortes finished just behind her Spanish teammate touching in a time of 4:43.33. Fantine Lesaffre of France finished third in a time of 4:46.58.

Charlotte Bonnet of France and Jazz Carlin of Great Britain had a tremendous battle for the gold in the 200 freestyle that saw both women put up times that put them in the world’s top ten. Bonnet had a lead of over a second at the half way mark with which did not deter Carlin who almost made up the deficit:

  • Bonnet – 27.92/57.41 (29.49)/1:27.62 (30.21)/1:57.61 (29.99)
  • Carlin – 28.36/58.48 (30.12)/1:28.25 (29.77)/1:57.65 (29.40)

Spaniard Melanie Costa Schmid finished third in a time of 2:00.88.

British swimmers swept the top three placing in the women’s 50 backstroke with all three swimmers posting times that put them in the top ten in the world. Georgia Davies won the event in a time of 28.09, which puts her fourth in the world, Fran Halsall finished second in a time of 28.25, which puts her fifth, while Lauren Quigley finished third in a time of 28.44, which ranks her ninth in the world.

Judit Ignacio Sorribles of Spain took the women’s 200 butterfly in a time of 2:09.92, which places her sixth in the world rankings. Tilly Gray of Great Britain finished second in a time of 2:12.32 followed by Belmonte who posted a time of 2:13.15.

Daniel Fogg of Great Britain won the men’s 800 freestyle in a time of 8:01.86 followed by British teammate Jack Burnell who finished second posting a time of 8:03.61. Marc Sanchez finished third in a time of 8:05.52.

Liam Tancock of Great Britain took the men’s 50 backstroke in a time of 25.48. Ben Stasiulis of France finished second in a time of 26.05 followed by Magnus Jakupsson of Denmark that finished third recording a time of 26.77.

British teammates Robbie Renwick and James Guy had an extraordinary battle for the gold in the men’s 200 freestyle with Renwick eventually taking the event in a time of 1:48.41. Guy, who led at the 100 meter mark, finished second in a time of 1:48.55.

Clement Mignon of France finished third posting a time of 1:49.67.

Spaniard Alejandro Garcia Martin and Raphael Stacchiotti of Luxembourg also had a great duel in the men’s 400 IM. Martin won the event in a time of 4:23.34 followed by Stacchiotti who recorded a time of 4:23.73. Marc Sanchez of Spain picked up his second bronze of the evening finishing in a time of 4:27.20.

Carlos Gallego of Spain took the men’s 200 butterfly in a time of 2:00.42 followed by Jay Lelliott of Great Britain finished second in a time of 2:00.80. Thomas Vilaceca of France finished third in a time of 2:01.53.

Jessica Vall Montero of Spain won the women’s 200 breaststroke in a time of 2:28.10 followed by Carmella Kitching of France who posted a time of 2:34.84. Beatriz Gomes Cortes finished third in a time of 2:36.78.

Giacomo Perez Dortona of France took the men’s event iin a time of 2:18.20. Theo Bussiere of France finished second in a time of 2:18.88 followed by Vittorio Coloretti of Italy who finished third recording a time of 2:19.62.

Full results can be found here

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bobo gigi

British invasion in Marseille! 🙂

Another great performance for Charlotte Bonnet.
1.57 is now common for her.
Very promising for the summer.
I predict that, fully tapered, she will swim around 1.55.50 this year.

Really impressed by Jazz Carlin’s time in the same race.
A new PR for her in 1.57.65.

Today, interesting men’s 50 free with Manaudou in the water.

bobo gigi

For your information, Camille Muffat didn’t swim in Marseille. She has been sent by her coach Pellerin to a meet in Milan.
She won yesterday the 200 free in 1.58.27. Not bad but not great. We used to seeing her so often in the past swim very fast almost every time she dived in the water. I think that’s a bygone age. She trains less with age. I don’t know what to expect from her next summer. She probably focuses on the 200 free now.
At the same meet Federica Pellegrini has won the 200 back in 2.09.56. Philippe Lucas continues to make her swim that event.
Gerco Kis has swum the fastest time of the year in the 1500 free in 15.01.71.

bobo gigi

We used to see!
I used to + infinitive
I’m used to + verb with ing
I struggle to remember these rules. 🙂


What a bummer for Carlin as there’s no women 1500. And it looks like she will swim 200/400/800 (and I don’t know she will swim any relay, as Wales might not even send any relay team). I don’t think she will win a 200 free medal In 200, I think Emma McKeon will be favorite, followed by other Australian girls and possibly one or two English girls. In 400 she has a chance for gold if she race smartly. However very tough competition for her: Bronte Barratt, Kylie Palmer, Lauren Boyle, and now Jessica Ashwood. All these girls have either swum 4:03 or are absolutely capable of doing it. 400 free might turn out to be the best women race… Read more »

bobo gigi

Agree about Emma McKeon favorite in the 200 free.
For the 400 free and the 800 free, I pick Lauren Boyle.
But Carlin will be a big contender too.
I don’t know enough Jessica Ashwood to have an opinion but she swims very well this year so far.

A question for you, the Australian swimming specialist. 🙂
In a year with Commonwealth Games and Pan Pacific championships, which meet is the most important for Australia? I presume the Commonwealth Games are more important for Australia’s prestige but on the other hand, they will have much more adversity against USA and Japan at the Pan Pacific championships and the meet is held in Australia.


Apparently, Jessica Ashwood was a great a talent when she was little, but she (and her brother) was trained only by her grandmother for years only. In 2012 she made the change and started training with Brant Best, Magnussen’s coach. And apparently it helped to realize some of her potential. But we must know, despite having the fastest 100 free swimmer in the world, Best actually does not have much experience. Even Magnussen said they are not sure of the effectiveness of some of their methods and they try as they go. Also, Best does not have experience training distance. Ashwood might be better served working with Denis cotterel. Same thing with Dave mckeon and Emma McKeon. They are both… Read more »


“there’s nothing else Australians like to do than beating the english.”

It should be:
There’s few other things fair dinkum aussies enjoy more than giving pommes s good beating..

Sorry to all English people who read this, I’m merely observing aussies psyche, and I think It’s all in good spirit and humour.

For bobo, pommes or pommes are what aussies call the english in a fun friendly and yet slightly derogatory way. Some people think the origin is POHM or Prisoner of the His or Her Majesty.

bobo gigi



Hahaha – We beat the Aussies when it matters, Aswim 😉

It is a very interesting debate actually. English/Aussie rivalries are always passionate and well-intentioned, very sporting affairs (Other than Ashes series which involve Warner). I think that is because, as much as be like to wind eachother up, our cultures are intrinsically similar still to this day. I am excited about the coming commonwealths, my parents remember the days the Aussies won everything at the commonwealths, gonna struggle outside swimming this time 😉 haha

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Jeff Grace

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