Australian Coach Paul Frost Pleads Not Guilty To 46 Sex Abuse Charges

Paul Frostthe son of a well-known Australian swim coach, has pleaded not guilty to 46 child sex abuse charges this week.

The 44-year-old Frost is a swim coach. His father Doug Frost was famous for coaching Australian swimming icon Ian Thorpe, and both Frosts remain relative celebrities in Australia. Paul Frost appeared on cooking competition show MasterChef in Australia.

Paul Frost is accused of sexually abusing at least ten boys and one girl, all between the ages of 10 and 16, according to The Daily Telegraph. The alleged abuses happened between 1996 and 20019 when Paul Frost was working at his father’s Doug Frost Swim School in Padstow, New South Wales.

Paul Frost was charged with 126 sex abuse charges, but The Daily Telegraph reports that all but 46 were dropped. Paul Frost pleaded not guilty to all 46 of the remaining charges in Burwood Local Court this week.

Officials accuse Paul Frost of a long list of illicit activities, including having sexual intercourse with underage children, touching swimmers inappropriately, and giving a 13-year-old boy alcohol.

Paul Frost was arrested in September of 2019 and spent a week in jail before he was released on bail. He is currently under strict house arrest. His next court date will come next month.

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25 days ago

I would like to know if formal complaints on Richard Shoulberg, and Murray Stephens,, have been made to Safesport and USA Swimming and why then haven’t been officially banned from the sport. It is my understanding that Shoulberg is still coaching USA Swimming registered swimmers!

GA Boy
25 days ago

126 report, even with the others dropped its just not realistic that none of them are true.

Corn Pop
Reply to  GA Boy
25 days ago

46/126 is already a 68% failure rate . This overcharging creates hysteria & makes it more difficult t o find unbiased & objective jurors.

Hot Takes:
Reply to  Corn Pop
24 days ago

There are statute of limitations laws here in the US that invalidate a crime after a certain period of time has passed. It varies state by state but there’s usually a limitation in how long after a crime you can prosecute. Australia likely has similar laws. Cases get thrown out for lots of reasons that have nothing to do with the defendants guilt.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Hot Takes:
24 days ago

Umm no . As someone who was called up for jury duty in a NSW court I think I’ve got it better than you.

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