Aussies Hitting SC World Championships Qualifying Times Through Day 1


The 2022 Australian Short Course Championships represents one of the qualification meets Australian swimmers can race at to make the Short Course World Championships team.

This year’s SC Championships are being hosted by Australia, set to take place in Melbourne from December 13th to December 18th.

Per Swimming Australia’s selection criteria linked above, the qualifying competitions for its swimmers include the following:

  • 2022 Sydney Sprints (inclusive of Australian Short Course Championships and State Teams)
  • 2022 Junior Pan Pacific Championships

Additionally, Swimming Australia is sticking to the FINA ‘A’ cuts as its minimum time qualifications as opposed to devising its own list of time requirements. This was outlined in our post from earlier this year, which you can find here.

Knowing that the top 2 finishers in each event will be considered for selection by Swimming Australia, so long as they meet the aforementioned A cut, here are the swimmers who have tentatively qualified for Melbourne through day 1 of this qualification meet.

  • Kaylee McKeown – 100m back
  • Mollie O’Callaghan – 100m back
  • Brad Woodward – 100m back
  • Madi Wilson – 200m free
  • Leah Neale – 200m free
  • Kyle Chalmers – 200m free
  • Tommy Neill – 200m free
  • Chelsea Hodges – 100m breast
  • Jenna Strauch – 100m breast
  • Sam Williamson – 100m breast
  • Joshua Yong – 100m breast
  • Lani Pallister – 1500m free
  • Mack Horton – 800m free
  • Alex Grant – 800m free


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Miss M
5 months ago

MOC in 3rd in 100 free. McKeon wins, huge swim for Wilson for second. Harris 4th

Reply to  Miss M
5 months ago

Good chance to take ownership of the 4×100 free WR in December.

5 months ago

Kaylee just swam the 5th fastest 200 back of all time, behind herself, Hosszu, Atherton and Zevina

5 months ago

You have to pay to watch replays too? 💀

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