Ash Milad Joins Bellevue Club Swim Team Staff

Jeff Grace
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August 21st, 2017 News

The Bellevue Club Swim Team has hired former Co-Head Coach of KING Aquatic Club Ash Milad as their Head Dryland and Performance Coach. Milad has spent the last 13 years with KING in several different capacities. He stepped away from full time swim coaching earlier this month. In his time with KING he coached multiple Junior National qualifiers, three Olympic Trials qualifiers, and one National Junior Team member.

“I am extremely excited to welcome Ash and his family to the Bellevue Club Swim Team family,” said Andrew Nguyen, Head Coach of the Bellevue Club Swim Team. “Ash will be our Head Dryland and Performance Coach. He will oversee the entire dryland program and will be on deck from time to time to help coach with various groups.”

Milad is looking forward to the new challenge, “I’m excited to see how the work we do outside of the water can translate in the pool,” said Milad. “My background in swimming gives me a perspective most strength and conditioning coaches don’t have.”

“Andrew has a background in strength and conditioning and a degree in kinesiology. That melded with my passion for functional fitness and 20 plus years of coaching swimming creates a combination that very few clubs have.”

“Our program will be able to build swimming specific strength and address technical deficiencies at the same time.”

The top three priorities that they will be addressing in the new strength and conditioning program include:

  1. Injury prevention through strength and mobility
  2. Core strength and the ability to use that core strength in the water
  3. Posterior chain strength


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The Wolverine

Congrats to Ash Milad. One of the best coaching minds you’ll find on deck and a great leadership example for aspiring coaches to learn from. I’ve always found Coach Milad to be one of the friendliest and open minded, eager to learn professionals on deck. Great hire by Andrew @BCST as well. Pow!

Harry Dresden

Being from Seattle I know many many swimmers who have swam for and around Ash, including my sister for a while, and I don’t know a single person who would agree with this.

Interesting. Wonder what happened at KING?


Hyped for the season with a great addition to bcst!!

Great team! Great culture! Great Vibes! ???

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