Arthur Conover of Kenyon Resets D3 Record in 1650

Everyone tonight went into the 1650 knowing that it would take an NCAA record to win. For more than half of the


rueling race, Arthur Conover of Kenyon faced off against Andrew Greenhalgh of JHU who had broken the500 f

eestyle record and denied him a victory earlier this weekend. This time, however, the tables turned, and it wasConover who emerged victorious at the end with a new NCAA record of his own.

The old record was set in 2012 by Denison’s Al Weik at 15:04.85. Conover went a 15:01.34 to erase the mark by over three seconds and establish his own standard. Greenhalgh also managed to slip under the old record, posting a 15:04.63 to claim second.

His splits:

  • 51.95
  • 54.52
  • 54.73
  • 55.06
  • 55.05
  • 54.91
  • 55.26
  • 55.25
  • 54.88
  • 54.52
  • 54.37
  • 54.95
  • 54.91
  • 55.01
  • 54.98
  • 54.63
  • 26.53


For live results, click here. 



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7 years ago

Way to represent Maine, Arthur! So proud of you! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

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