Arrested IOC Member Pat Hickey Moved To Maximum Security Prison

Following his arrest by Brazilian authorities in connection with a ticket-scalping scandal, Patrick Hickey, has been moved to a maximum security prison. Hickey is the President of the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI), and also a member of the executive board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Hickey was initially arrested on Wednesday morning, as it was suspected that he was attempting to resell Olympic tickets at a much higher price than their face value. He was then brought to a hospital by Rio police as a precautionary measure, as he made complaints of health concerns.

After being discharged from the hospital, Hickey made an appeal for bail, which was denied by a Brazilian judge. He was then moved to Bangu maximum security prison.

Brazilian authorities have recommended multiple charges against Hickey and other executives involved in the scandal, including charges of illegal ticket resale, criminal association, and fraudulent marketing. As of now, prosecutors have not yet decided on the charges.

Since his arrest, Hickey has temporarily stepped aside from all of his Olympic-related responsibilities, but denied the claims that he was involved in the ticket-scalping scandal.

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In my opinion, this is total crap; something incompetent that the Brazilian government is doing. This man may be guilty, or not, but why is he moved to a maximum security prison with no chance of bail? This is my same issue with the whole “Lochte incident”. Why were their passports seized when they attempted to leave the country? Even if everything happened exactly the way the Brazilian government described, the athletes were known and thus could have been contacted to be brought to “justice”. There was no need to ground the athletes… unless they were trying to scare/intimidate them in some way. And incidentally, if someone points a gun at me and then takes my money (even if I… Read more »




I agree. My first thought when I read this was that it makes Feigen’s fine seem not that bad.

Murders go un-investigated in Rio. Why are they sending someone to maximum security prison for ticket scalping? Why did they make such a big deal over whether or not someone said something to the media about being robbed?


Cause they failed to realize that they aint in Kansas anymore……


Dude is from Ireland so pull that Kansas reference out another time.


hahaha touche 🙂

Jim C

The Brazilians are probably holding Hickey hostage to insure that the IOC hands out a suitable punishment to Lochte.


I get it, he broke a law but Maximum security prison for this? Maybe Brasil ought to put this Irish fellow in charge of filling the empty stadiums. At least he’s making an effort to put bums in some of the chairs.


Promote it like a Conor McGregor fight and those seats will fill quickly.

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